Starfield: Should You Rush For NG+ or Wait?

Here is a guide that will help you out in deciding that is it fair to finish Starfield and then play again with some new content in Game Plus or wait.

Starfield has a New Game Plus that unlocks when you complete the campaign. To know more about Starfield Ending refer to this link, but before this here is the reason why you must not rush for Starfield NG+. Game Plus unlocks the entire universe allowing you to keep your character level. But it takes away all the weapons, credits, and items. However, if your only aim is to check Starfield NG+ then here are some reasons why must slow down your gameplay.

Do Not Rush Starfield NG+, Here’s why

Starfield NG Plus vs Campaign

Starfield campaign takes around 12 to 17 hours to complete. As you complete the Main Mission you will level up and unlock new rewards. In then you can revert back and continue exploring the Starfield universe, or entire into the Unity orb to unlock the game plus. Here are some of the common reasons why you must not rush to end Starfield.

  1. All Exploration is Reset to 0: You will lose everything you had explored in the game, and in NG+ you have to explore again from scratch.
  2. Level Up Max before NG+: Weapons, Credits, and items are set to 0. But you are allowed to keep your Character Level and Skills. So better unlock everything before entering into NG+.
  3. Same Activities Can Turn Boring: Going slow will help you to enjoy this game a lot. If you rush into completing missions, you will have to replay them back. So go slow, and play all Faction Missions, Side Quest, Companion Romance Quest, Ship Building, Outpost Building, etc.
  4. Save Files: Keep a separate Save file when you are almost about to reach the end. If you enter into Game Plus and wish to revert back you can continue your exploration using the previous save file.

The logic here is to enjoy the game through main missions and side quests. It is like the first experience with Starfield and going slow will help you to get an immersive experience. Like if you have not spent much time in the Ship and Outpost building then do that. It will reset to 0 in the new game plus. The same applies to Character Relationships and Mission Progress. Here is a list of things you can keep in Starfield NG+.

  1. Character Customization & Traits
  2. Perk Tree Progress
  3. Character Level
  4. Abilities

How many Game Plus are there in Starfield?

Based on different gameplay it is found that Starfield has no limit for unlocking fresh content from Game Plus. If you complete the game once you will unlock Starfield New Game Plus. Complete it a second time then you can play Starfield NG+, and then Starfield NG++, etc. With each expansion, some new rewards are unlocked.

Now it will be easier for you to decide what to do, as Starfield does no limit on how many NG+ you can unlock there is always enough time to start this. The best is to play everything and get a max fun out of the first play.

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