Where To Find Research Station In Starfield (Location)

You can craft, upgrade gear, unlock mods, and expand outposts with the Research Station in Starfield, but where are they?

As an explorer venturing deep into the unmapped regions in Starfield, survivability is key. The dangers you will face include hostile aliens, harsh environmental hazards, and other unknown threats. You’ll want to continuously improve your weapons, armor, ship, and skills to give yourself every advantage. Research Stations are vital in advancing these. We’ll explain how to find and use a Research Station in Starfield.

Research Station Locations in Starfield

Research Lab Starfield

Any ship can be equipped with a Research Station through the shipbuilder. For example, the starter ship, the Frontier, has space in its midsection designed to accommodate an early research station. From there, stations can be upgraded and expanded as you progress.

You can also craft a Research Station at any Outpost you’ve built. You’ll need 2 Copper, 2 Aluminum, and 4 Beryllium to build it. These materials can often be sold at Trade Authority shops on every planet.

How to Use Research Station?

With a Research Station, you can research upgrades for your gear, ship, weapons, armor and more. Researching projects at the station unlocks better modification plans that you can craft at workbenches. New crafting recipes will become available over time, allowing you to improve your gear continually.

It also allows you to research new modules, furniture and storage containers to expand your outposts. Medical items like drugs, food and first aid supplies can be crafted after researching the appropriate plans.

Benefits of Research

  • Upgrades are essential to keeping your gear and ship powerful as you progress.
  • Crafting supplies and medical items helps keep your crew alive and battles stocked. Resources are sparse, so research expands what you can make.
  • Developing outposts requires researching new pieces, so a station speeds expansion.

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