Sakura Stand: How To Get Roland Spec

Not sure how to get Roland Spec in Sakura Stand? Here’s how you can get this devastating character.

Obtaining Roland Spec in Sakura Stand is one of the toughest things to do. Not that it is obtained by rerolling banners, instead, you have to pass through several hoops to get this character. Finding Roland goes through a series of quests that include meeting with NPCs, clue hunting, and dangerous boss fights. Sounds like a lot to do, right? This guide can help you find Roland Spec in the simplest way possible.

How to Get Roland Spec in Sakura Stand

To get Roland in Sakura Stand, you first have to interact with an NPC called Olivier. Thereafter, the quest for unlocking the character will originally begin. For a better understanding, we have broken down all the steps below. You can refer to them and do what we did to get Roland Spec.

Note: You must have a Mastery 6 and Standless to be able to interact and get quests from Olivier.

Talk to Olivier

How to Get Roland Spec in Sakura Stand
The NPC in the white dress is Olivier. Image Credits to yournightmare (YN)

To find Olivier, head over to the Dark Alley and follow these directions:

  • Left → Right → Right → Left → Straight → Left → Left → Right → Right → Left → Left.

Interact with Olivier and accept the “Forgotten Identity” quest from him. In this quest, you are supposed to find a Black Mask and give it to Olivier.

Find Black Mask

To find a Black Mask, enter a lobby with 10+ players in it. After every 10 minutes, there is a chance that you obtain a Black Mask after killing a random player. Once you manage to collect a Black Mask, return to Dark Alley and give it to Olivier. He will then reward you with a Perception Blocking Mask.

How to Get Roland Spec in Sakura Stand

From here, you will be given a quest to interact with another NPC called Harold. You can find him lying behind the counter in the Unrented Office, next to the Library.

Complete Harold’s Quest

Once you speak to Harold, he will offer you a quest called “In Pursuit of Truth.” In this quest, your main objective is to eliminate 10 players and deal a total of 500 Damage with Standless. After completing this objective, claim a Relic from Harold and find a Librarian Amm near the Cafe.

obtaining Roland Spec in Sakura Stand

Talk to Amm and she will ask you to remember the following color sequence: Red, Green, Orange, White, Blue, and Purple. The six aforementioned colors correspond to numbers that are hidden across the map. You need to find those numbers, align them with the color sequence, and enter them in the Librarian’s Laptop to decrypt them.

Note: The number corresponding to a color will be random for all the players. For example, some players may see Red = 1, and for some, it will Red = 2 or 3.

Finding the Colors

You can find all the above-mentioned colors in the following locations:


how to get roland spec in sakura stand
  • You can find the red color on the right side of Dio Spawn


How to Get Roland Spec in Sakura Stand
  • Green color can be found near the Geto NPC spawn.


How to Get Roland Spec in Sakura Stand
  • Orange color can be located behind a plant, inside the Library.


How to Get Roland Spec in Sakura Stand
  • You can find the white color on the upper right side of the Hueco Mundo area.


How to Get Roland Spec in Sakura Stand
  • The blue color is found at the entrance of Deku’s place.


How to Get Roland Spec in Sakura Stand
  • To find the purple color, go to the Holy Grail and look for it on a pillar.

Now that you have found all the colors, you will automatically know their corresponding numbers. According to the color sequence mentioned by Amm, put together those numbers to reveal the Laptop Code.

For us, Red was associated with the number 4. Similarly, Green was 6, Orange was 1, White was 2, Blue was 3, and Purple was 5. After putting this number according to Amm’s color sequence, we got 461235 as our Laptop Code.

Entering Code

how to get roland spec in sakura stand

To enter the code in the Librarian’s Laptop, you first need to go to the Library. There, you need to interact with the Bookshelves in such an order that it matches the laptop code. For instance, 4 is the first digit of our code, so we need to interact with the fourth bookshelf first. The next digit is 6, so we need to push the sixth bookshelf and so on.

After interacting with the bookshelves in the right order, you can go to the counter and see if you have entered the code properly.

Defeat Bosses

Once you are done with the Laptop Code, you need to find and defeat Toji, Dio/Jotaru, and Deku to get the necessary drops. Obtaining them will reward you with Roland Spec in Sakura Stand.

Lastly, thanks to the YouTuber Junkbott for explaining how to get the Roland Spec in a step-by-step method.

Now that you know how to unlock Roland Spec in Sakura Stand, be sure to make the most out of it. Also, if you are looking to treat yourself with some rewards, there’s no better way to do it than by using some Codes. Feel free to check out our guide to learn more about it.