Poppy Playtime Live-Action Film Confirmed by Legendary

The survival horror video game, Poppy Playtime, gets its live-action feature adaptation and we get to witness Huggy Wuggy’s Hollywood debut.

Mob Entertainment and the well-known entertainment company Legendary have joined forces to create something truly terrifying, a Poppy Playtime live-action movie, which is currently in the works. Along with Legendary and Mob Entertainment on board, the movie will also be developed and produced by Angry Films’ Don Murphy and Susan Montford. Considering that this partnership was formed after “beating out several competitive offers,” adrenaline junkies can make a mental note to add this film to their ‘to be watched’ lists.

Legendary and Angry Films will Produce Mob Entertainment’s Poppy Playtime Movie.

Legendary and Angry Films will produce MOB Entertainment's Poppy Playtime Movie
Image Credits – Mob Entertainment

Considering “Five Nights at Freddy’s” success, expectations for the Poppy Playtime movie are astronomical. “Oh, I am SO in! Plus, you are working with the folks who made the best American version of Godzilla!” a fan wrote under the movie’s announcement tweet by Mob Entertainment.

Although this news generated a lot of excitement among fans, people were quick to start raising questions and speculations. Some have been wondering if the movie will or won’t be R-rated. Others have been trying to figure out if the developers were too hasty with this decision, as the game has only released three chapters until now.

The developers also released an announcement post about the movie and shared a few words about the game’s success over the years, writing, “Mob, founded by brothers Zach and Seth Belanger in 2015, produced and released the first chapter of the game on indie game platform Steam in 2021. It became a surprise hit, amassing over 12 million players across PC and mobile, and by the time the third chapter was made, it was being played on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. The game also became an international merchandising phenomenon, with Huggy Wuggy plushies and other playthings spreading the world over.

When we first started this journey, we followed our passion and created a series of games and brands with the purpose of inspiring and entertaining,” said Mob Entertainment’s Co-founders, Zach Belanger, CEO, and Seth Belanger, CCO. “We’ve always dreamed big and are thrilled to have created something that has captured the hearts of tens of millions around the world. This movie deal is a great logical next step in the growth of our transmedia entertainment company.

Apart from the riveting details about the game’s popularity, the gameplay, and the news about the movie adaptation, the announcement didn’t include any information about the cast or the release date, leaving fans wanting more.

Some of the best and most iconic video games, like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and FNAF, have previously been made into movies. As for the Poppy Playtime movie, we can only hope that it jolts us with the much-awaited thrill and suspense we crave from horror films.

Until we can provide more details about the release date, find out if this game is safe for kids to play. Additionally, stay updated about all the latest gaming news and announcements by browsing through our dedicated News section here on Gamer Tweak.