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Is Poppy Playtime Safe For Kids? (Answered)

Wondering whether Poppy Playtime is safe for kids and should they play the game? Find out here.

Poppy Playtime is a survival horror game on Steam set in an abandoned toy factory. The player takes the role of a former employee of Playtime Co. who is returning to the factory after ten years. We know the game sounds like it will be fun for kids and you are considering to buy it but is Poppy Playtime really safe for kids? Let’s find out.

Is Poppy Playtime Safe for Kids?


Poppy Playtime Impact on Kids

Even though the game involves a toy factory named Playtime Co. the game is not appropriate for kids. The non kid-friendly game is based on a horror theme and involves jump scares and the toys in the factory are alive and hostile towards the players.

The game features the antagonist called Huggy Wuggy who appears in the start as a statue but later starts chasing you. The soundtrack of the game has the lyrics, “He’ll squeeze you ’til you pop”.


There is no direct evidence that the game hampers the safety of kids but the gameplay can cause anxiety among young audience. The continuous feeling of being chased and the adrenaline rush paired with the jump scares can be nerve-racking for some kids.

Kids usually are mentally at a place where they don’t know the difference between real and fiction and the game could be disturbing. So viewing such scary content before they have built some form of resistance against it can have a negative impact.

Possible Impact of the Game on Kids


There are a few negative mental impacts that Poppy Playtime may leave on kids –

  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Fear of Dark
  • Nightmares

So if you are around a kid who may have had a negative impact due to the game, talk to them and make them feel reassured of your presence. And when someone asks you is Poppy Playtime for Kids, the answer is a clear no.


Poppy Playtime Gameplay

Apart from this unwanted aspect of the game Poppy Playtime is a real fun to play game on Steam for grown ups. It is available on Windows and has been recently added to Android and iOS. So if you are an adult looking for a good playtime then head over to Poppy’s.

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