How To Get Infinite Credits In Starfield (Unlimited Money Glitch)

Here's where you can find out how to get Infinite Credits in Starfield with the Unlimited money glitches.

Similar to Bethesda’s Skyrim, you can get infinite credits in Starfield by using unlimited money exploits. After all, you cannot explore space with empty pockets as you require credits to buy the best ships for your fleet. With several glitches and bugs surfacing online, there are only a few that work this quickly. But although this Starfield Money glitch can be a bit low on credits, it offers massive loot with minimal effort and tries. Nevertheless, we have also added another money glitch in Starfield that rewards you with 72000 Credits. As many players fear this exploit might get patched out of the game in future updates, here’s where you can find out how to get unlimited credits instantly.

How to Get Infinite Credits in Starfield

starfield how to get infinite credits money glitch

You can get Infinite Credits in Starfield by heading to a small puddle outside the Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City. For that, you must Grav jump or travel to the Akila planet located in the Cheyenne star system. Once you reach there, you will find two mud puddles in front of the shop with chest loot.

So, follow the below steps to get Infinite Credits:

  • Switch to third-person view.
  • Crouch and move to the two puddles to detect as well as access the loot.
  • Move to the puddle outside of the Shepherd’s General store.
  • Collect the loot from both the chests.

Aside from the 5,000 credits, there is plenty of other loot you can collect including ammo, weapons, and resources. You can sell all these resources to the Emerson Shepherd vendor to earn more credits. And don’t worry, you wouldn’t serve time in jail for looting these chests. Note to check your carrying capacity or you will become encumbered.

Here’s another Starfield Infinite Money glitch that rewards you with 72,000 Credits instantly:

72000 Credits Glitch (Explained)

starfield how to get infinite credits money glitch

For this Starfield infinite credit glitch, you must perform specific moves to glitch through the wall. You can get the credits located at New Atlantis in Jemison by traveling to the Alpha Centauri star system. Before traveling there, ensure that you have a Rescue Axe, dagger, or any melee weapon. From that location, head down the ramp and take a right turn to the cornermost room.

When facing the particular door, follow the below steps to get 72000 Credits in Starfield:

  • Sprint forward, jump and press the block button to pass through the wall.
  • To do so, you must press the block and forward button simultaneously.
  • This will take you multiple tries and practice but you must land on a specific piece of land.
  • Once you have successfully glitched through the wall, you will be teleported down.
  • As you drop down, you will find the crate containing 72,000 Credits.

You can rest or sleep for 600 universal hours to get these credits again and as many times. But ensure that you have set the timing to Universal time (UT).

If you couldn’t follow the above instructions, check out the YouTube video uploaded by Kibbles Gaming for more insight:

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