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Starfield: How To Get Arrested (& Consequences)

Who says violence isn't the right answer, here's where you can find out how to get arrested in Starfield and its consequences.

Getting arrested in Starfield can land you in jail as you serve time. But similar to previous Bethesda games like Skyrim, getting in jail is not as bad as it seems. That’s because there is a side mission you can unlock once you get caught by the UC authorities. As the the scope for crime on the surface is relatively less, you might be looking for different ways to get arrested. Don’t worry, here’s where you can find out all the ways to get arrested and its consequences.

Disclaimer: The following guide contains spoilers related to the gameplay, missions, and storyline. So, if you mind such spoilers, now is the best time to head back and check again, later. 

How to Get Arrested in Starfield

starfield get arrested

There are many ways of getting arrested and serving time in Jail. But to get arrested, you must commit a crime. Once you committed any crime, you will be caught by UC security within a few moments. So, here are the best ways to get arrested in Starfield:

Contraband on Ship

You can get arrested if you possess illegal aka contraband items in your ship when traveling to different patrolled planets. But for this crime, not every planet will arrest you in Starfield. Instead, you must travel to one of the planets within Settled systems that are patrolled by UC Vanguard to get caught.

You can avoid getting caught by the authorities if you Jettison these contraband resources. There are plenty of ways to get past the scan detection and smuggle them from the authorities or UC security. These include getting a Shielded Cargo Hold module, investing in Deception skills, and more. But without these methods, all you need is one contraband item to put you in jail.

Stealing Items

Stealing items in front of the guards, security, or other NPCs is another way to get arrested quickly. Once you steal any item openly, UC security will approach you in a short time.

Beating or Killing Someone

Lastly, violence is the fastest way to get arrested in Starfield. For that, you can beat someone including your companions in a public space. You can also get caught for murdering an NPC. But note that if you beat a companion continuously, they will no longer be your active companion. This can also result in angering them and fighting against you.

Unless this is the playthrough you desire, we don’t recommend beating or killing your companion.

What Happens If You Get Arrested?

starfield get arrested

If this is the first time you got arrested, it will trigger the Burden of Proof mission. While the security will hold you in detention, you will joined by Commander Kibwe Ikande. He will offer you a ticket out of jail if you complete a task for the UC SysDef to take down Crimson Fleet. This task involves becoming an undercover for the United Colonies against the Crimson Fleet.

However, you won’t trigger or get another mission if you don’t play by the book. Other than acting innocent, you will have three options when approached by Security. These include:

  • Surrendering Yourself (Serving required days in prison)
  • Paying a fine
  • Resisting Arrest & Fleeing (Attack)

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