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Best Shipyard Locations In Starfield

Your ship deserves the best upgrades it can get, follow this guide to find Shipyard locations in Starfield.

Knowing the major Shipyard locations in Starfield is important because they offer services like repairing, modifying, and upgrading your ship. With all the travels you embark on, it is essential to always keep your ship up to date. While exploring planets you might have come across many ship service technicians and ship vendors, however, they do differ on the basis of the parts they are selling and their services. Check out this guide for a list of shipyards that will help you prepare for your journey across star systems.

Best Shipyard locations in Starfield

Shipyard Locations In Starfield

  • Paradiso: Porrima system
  • The Red Mile: Porrima system
  • HopeTech: Sol System
  • New Homestead: Sol system
  • Cydonia: Sol system
  • Deimos: Sol system
  • Nova Galactic: Sol System
  • Hopetown Landing Pad: Valo system
  • Hopetown Showroom: Valo system
  • Stroud-Ekland: Volii system
  • Neon: Volii system
  • Taiyo: Volii system
  • New Atlantis: Alpha Centauri
  • Trident Luxury Line: Cheyenne System
  • Akila City: Cheyenne system
  • The Den: Wolf system
  • The Key: Kryx system

Ship Manufacturers and their Features in Starfield

  • Known for their reactors – Amun Dunn, Dogstar, and Xiang
  • Specializes in cargo holds – Deep Core, Protectorate Systems, Sextant Shield Systems, and Dogstar
  • Well known for grav drives – Reladyne, Slayton Aerospace, and Deep Core
  • Famous for fuel tanks – Ballistic Solutions Inc, and Nautilus
  • Renowned for ballistic and energy weapons – Horizon Defense, Light Scythe, Shinigami, and Ballistic Solutions Inc
  • Specializes in habitat modules – Nova Galactic, and Taiyo Astroneering
  • Known for engines – Panoptes and Reladyne
  • Others – Stroud Ekland, HopeTech, and Deimos

We have included the best and major Shipyard locations in Starfield in this guide, although throughout the hundreds of planets, there may be a lot of others that are yet to be discovered. Hopefully, these locations that we have mentioned will come in handy when your ship is in need of immediate assistance. If you want to know more about your ship, you can also check out adding workbenches and free ships, right here on Gamer Tweak.