Best Starfield Weapons Of Every Type (Locations)

Discover the best weapons and where to find them, including pistols, rifles, heavy guns, shotguns, SMGs, and melee weapons in Starfield.

When exploring dangerous new frontiers, you want to be prepared with the best Starfield weapons. Though small steps into new territory can lead to great discoveries, you must remain vigilant and ready for action.

Starfield offers players a vast arsenal of firearms and melee weapons. However, the Combat skills heavily influence the ideal weapons for your character build. A character specializing in shotguns will find the most effective shotgun weapons, while an energy weapons expert will favor the best laser and plasma guns. We will outline the best Starfield weapons and where to find them.

Best Starfield Weapons of All Types

Best Pistol in Starfield and its Location

Best Pistol in Starfield

The Deadeye is one of Starfield’s easiest-to-get unique pistols. You’ll receive this weapon and a Deputy Hat and Ranger Deputy Uniform by becoming a deputy for the Freestar Collective during the Deputized side quest. With the space cowboy aesthetic, the Deadeye is great for living out your space western dreams.

Best Rifle in Starfield and its Location

Best Rifle in Starfield

The Beowulf rifle can be found randomly in loot, containers, and on NPCs. Those in the United Colonies faction tend to use this rifle often. With high accuracy and damage output, the Beowulf is one of the game’s most versatile and powerful rifles.

Best Heavy Weapon in Starfield and its Location

Best Heavy Weapons

Heller’s Cutter is a rare heavy weapon found on the moon Vectera, where Starfield’s story begins. Players can return after advancing the main story to find this weapon in a crate. The extra firepower of heavy weapons like Heller’s Cutter makes them ideal for taking down tough enemies.

Best Shotgun in Starfield and its Location

Best Shotgun

Big Bang packs a punch with both physical and energy damage. This shotgun is exclusive to certain vendors once it reaches a high character level. Up close, the Big Bang delivers massive damage, especially useful against groups of enemies. It can be found randomly in lootable containers, as enemy drops, and for sale from some NPC vendors.

Best SMG in Starfield and its Location

Best SMG

Grendel stands out as an exceptional SMG with its extremely high rate of fire. Despite the short range, Grendel melts through enemies in seconds when up close. Just be prepared to reload frequently with the high fire rate. The assault rifle has a chance to drop from defeating enemies like Spacers and Ecliptics that spawn around structures on planetary and moon surfaces.

Best Melee Weapon in Starfield and its Location

Best Melee Weapons

Completing the Infinity’s End side quest rewards players with The Last Priest, a rare melee weapon. Its unique abilities make The Last Priest one of the most unique melee options. Melee fills an important role in Starfield, and The Last Priest is a weapon that no melee loadout should be without.

Here’s a showcase of all Weapons in the game that you might want to check out:

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