What is HellMarked in Diablo 4 and How to Get It?

Ever reached a 5-star wanted level in GTA? Well, being HellMarked in Diablo 4 can be considered the same!

If you plan to farm rewards fast you should probably become HellMarked in Diablo 4. This is a like new status effect in season 4 that gets inflicted upon you the more enemies you kill. While it seems like a disadvantage which in many ways it is, you can make the most out of it to farm rewards. Once you get HellMarked in D4, monsters from every corner of hell will come after you, which means more loot for you to reap. So here is exactly how it works.

How to Get HellMarked in Diablo 4

How To Get HellMarked In Diablo 4
Image Credits: RageGamingVideos on YouTube. Fill up your Threat level to get HellMarked in Diablo 4.

You have to kill enemies in any active Helltide to become HellMarked.

  1. Open your map and look for areas that are highlighted red.
  2. Enter this region and start killing the monsters.
  3. The goal is to raise your Threat Level. Check the red meter next to your mini-map for it.
  4. There are two ways through which you can achieve that:
    • Defeat Monsters: The stronger and more monsters you kill the faster this bar fills.
    • Open Chests: Opening Tortured Gifts using Aberrant Cinders is another way to quickly increase your Threat level.
  5. It has 3 levels, once you reach the third one you get HellMarked.

Why You Should Get HellMarked

Being HellMarked makes monsters spawn faster and target you. The more of them that you defeat and open Tormented chests the better chances you have of getting Baneful Hearts. It is important because if you survive being HellMarked then a Hellborne boss spawns. Defeating it guarantees you a Baneful Heart drop.

After you collect three of these hearts you can use them at Accursed Altars to summon Blood Maiden (the new boss of this season). Finally, beat her and you will get a lot of rewards that are better than what you would get by farming random mobs.

That sums up everything you should know about becoming HellMarked in Diablo 4 and the reason why you should get it. If you are trying to play with your friends for it but can’t join their party then I suggest you check our guide on how to fix error 316751 for this game.