How To Fix Windmill Not Working In Manor Lords

Can’t make flour with the Windmill not working inManor Lords? This guide will help you fix this issue quickly.

One of the challenging tasks in Manor Lords is placing building structures perfectly since some of them won’t work at every location. The windmill is one such structure that not only needs grain, family members, and road connection but also proper access to winds. If it is built around trees and other structures it is likely that you won’t get the desired output.

Many players have found that the Manor Lords windmill not working issue is nothing but improper placement and that might be the same with you. Windmills work best if they are placed in the middle of the field or near some clearing where they get proper access to wind. If you are finding it troublesome to get flour from the windmill, this guide has covered all you need to do.

Manor Lords Windmill Not Working Workaround

Manor Lords Windmill Not Working Workaround
Image via Steam

For the windmill to function properly, players will have to make sure the supply of grains is good enough and there are at least a couple of family members assigned to make the flour. Along with that, road connection is an important factor. However, one of the main things that causes the Manor Lords windmill not working issue is the lack of wind.

As mentioned earlier, if you have built structures around the windmill, it will stop receiving the amount of air required to make it function efficiently. You may have initially built it in a clearing with no trees or structures around but if something is blocking it now, it is likely that it won’t work. Whilst that is the case, players can often choose to relocate buildings since it is an easier option.

There is another factor in play that players might have missed out on and that is converting wheat into grains. Since you are looking to make flour, you will have to first convert the wheat to grains by heading to the Farmhouse and then taking it into the windmill. Once you have enough supply of grains and the windmill receives the required winds from the clearing, it should start working again.

This issue is similar to what players face with the Sawpit. Now that you have managed to work around the Manor Lords windmill not working issue, check out our other Manor Lords guides if you are finding it tough to navigate through the game.