Monopoly Go Tips And Tricks (Strategy Guide)

Here's a Monopoly go strategy guide with tips for new players as well as tricks that you need to know about.

This Monopoly Go tips, tricks, and strategy guide will help you get acquainted with the mobile version of the classic game. If you are planning on investing your time into this game on Android or iOS, there are a few things you should know beforehand. This guide will explain the features to use, mechanics, how to get rewards, and more. We will also be linking more separate guides that we’ve created that will guide you further, like what time do trades reset, what is active friend bonus and what time is wheel boost.

Monopoly Go Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

monopoly go tips tricks strategy guide

How to Play Monopoly Go (for Beginners)

If you are just starting out with the game, take a look at the basics of gameplay right here

  • Your goal as the player is to roll a die to move your Token ahead on the Monopoly Go board. As you keep moving ahead, you will earn in-game money, various rewards, and fun things based on the tile you have landed on. You can unlock properties with the money you’ve collected.
  • Just like the original game, you can build Hotels and Houses in Monopoly Go as well and upgrade them as you keep playing.
  • Often, you will get a chance to attack the property of other players (Shutdown minigame) and take some money from them via the Bank Heist minigame as well. This will come up when you land on a Railroad Tile.
  • This game is all about money so you will also get opportunities to increase your net worth, pay taxes, and if things go wrong, you can go to jail too.
  • When you reach the Go to Jail tile, you get 3 chances to roll doubles and if you are successful, you will earn free bonus dice rolls. But if you fail, then you must pay a bail amount to get out of Jail.
  • On the board, you’ll find some free space but if there’s an event going on, this may turn into Free Parking.
  • When you clear a board after building and upgrading your Landmarks to the max level, you will automatically move on to the next board.

unlock boards monopoly go

shutdown minigame monopoly go

Monopoly Go Tips and Tricks

  • During some social events, you can get rewards for playing with friends in the game and if your friends aren’t active enough, you can simply make an alt account and claim those rewards for yourself.
  • You can charge a player rent for staying on your board and this is possible if you land on a tile with a Rent. Plus, if you have a house or hotel on that property tile, it gives you a chance to charge even more rent from your friends.
  • Note that during a limited-time event called Landmark Rush, you will get rewards every time you build the final upgraded version of the Landmark.
  • Defend your Landmarks by picking a Shield. So whenever you are a target of a shutdown minigame, your shield will protect your Landmark. Be sure to keep those shields up regularly. You can find them randomly on Property Tiles, and all you have to do to pick them up is land on them.
  • Focus on increasing your net worth because that will help you get various upgrades. This includes more money from the shutdown minigame, more shield capacity, etc.
  • Remember to use Stickers for Rewards. You can exchange duplicate stickers for safes which will contain rewards like free dice rolls. Open up your Album, tap on the Stickers for Rewards button, and check how many Sticker Stars you have. Choose a reward tier and trade your duplicate stickers right away.
  • Don’t miss out on tournaments because they will provide various freebies, even for clearing milestones. Plus, competing with other players is fun.
  • Be careful while trading with other players. Some players end up getting scammed because the trade gets completed halfway and the scammer blocks them. So, ensure that before going through with a trade, that person has already completed trades honestly before.
  • Monopoly Go Prize Drop strategy: One of the events in the game is the Prize Drop event where if you use a multiplier, the token will bounce and lead to better rewards.

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bank heist minigame

How to Get More Free Rolls?

We have a separate guide detailing all the different ways to get free dice rolls in Monopoly Go, but in short, here are some ways to get them.

  • Quick Wins – Complete Quick Win missions and you might just get free dice rolls as rewards.
  • Daily Treats – Keep logging into the game daily to claim your freebies.
  • Community Chest – There’s a Community Chest minigame that will not only give you some free in-game money, but also free dice.
  • Consistent free gift – You can claim a free gift in the Store after a gap of 18 hours and you may have a chance to have free dice rolls.
  • Inviting friends – If you invite and add a friend to Monopoly Go, you can get free dice and more rewards.
  • First-time purchase reward – If you make a Dice purchase for the first time, you are eligible to get free rolls as well.


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That’s all for this Monopoly Go tips, tricks, and strategy guide for now. For more information regarding the in-game mechanics not mentioned in this article, head over to our Monopoly Go guides category on Gamer Tweak.