How To Get Monopoly Go Shields And Change Shield Skins

Here is how to get, use, and change Shields in Monopoly Go to protect Landmarks.

Are you new to Monopoly Go and are wondering how to use Shields that protect Landmarks? Then read along, as we have got you covered. Shields are one of the most crucial items of the game. No matter how much effort you put into building and upgrading structures, you will be facing brutal attacks that hamper progress.

The Shutdown is a bittersweet system of the Monopoly Go. If you get to use Shutdown, then it is profitable, but if others use it against you, it’s a nuisance. But you have to protect your board, if you want to increase your Net Worth and unlock new ones, so use this guide.

How to Get, Use, and Switch Shields in Monopoly Go

How To Use Shields In Monopoly Go

You get a Shield whenever you land on a property tile with a shield on it. And once you land on that, it will automatically get added and protect your Landmarks. This means, there is nothing you have to do to use Shields, except getting it. The maximum shield limit is three before Net Worth level 125, so if you obtain them after the max value, the system will convert extras into Dice Rolls.

How to Get More New Shields in Monopoly Go

Get Different Shields in Monopoly Go

Just like Tokens, shields can be changed too. At the time of writing, there aren’t many Themed Shields in Monopoly Go, but developers are working on new Shields. You can collect and equip a variety of different themed Shields in several ways, the most common of which are:

  • In-game special events.
  • Upgrading Net Worth.
  • Daily and Weekly Wins.

How Do You Get Different Shield Skins in Monopoly Go?

To change your Shield skin, you have to go to the Shield Showroom. This can be accessed through three ways.

  • Tap on the Shield placed on your board.
  • Go to the top-right corner menu and select Shield.
  • Tap on the Shields Icon from the top-right corner.

What Should You Know About Shields?

  • In Monopoly Go, Shield’s location changes. So you will not get them by landing on the same property again and again.
  • You can get multiple Shields by using multiple Dice Rolls. Just above the Go button is a multiplication sign with some number. Tap on that number to set the amount of Dice Rolls you want to use at once. Such as, if I use 10 Dice Rolls and land on the Shield tile, I will get three Shields, and the remaining seven will get converted to Dice Rolls.
  • Every time someone attacks your Landmarks, one Shield will break. And if you are out of Shield, your structure will get damaged.

That’s all about how to get and use Shields in Monopoly Go. If you found this guide informative and useful, we suggest you check our other Monopoly Go guides. And start with gifting Dice Rolls to friends and then learn what happens when you go Bankrupt.