Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls: How To Get Them?

Mansi Singh
3 Min Read

Getting out of Spins in the middle of an interesting turn can be frustrating. To deal with such an unpleasant scenario, we have created this list of methods to get free Dice rolls in Monopoly Go. Use these ways to refill your Spins for attacking others, unlocking new structures, and earning money.

As of now, there are no codes or daily links to get Monopoly Go free dice, rolls, spins etc. Make sure you don’t fall for any Monopoly Go hacks or follow suspicious links because the developers have not released such a system yet. If and when they do, we will keep you updated via this article.

How to Get Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly Go

Free Dice In Monopoly Go

There are plenty of other reliable ways to get Monopoly Go free dice rolls – all of which we have listed below, so follow them to become the top tycoon.

Sticker Albums

These Albums change now and then, allowing you to earn more and better rewards. And the best thing about this system is that you can easily trade cards to complete album sets.

Invite Friends

If your friend joins the game using your invite, you receive some amount of Dice and sometimes even money. And the more players you recruit, the better the number of free Dice and other rewards you earn in Monopoly Go, so send out the invites and earn huge prizes.

Claim Free Shop Gifts

Go to the list icon from the top right corner to claim free Shop rewards. Now, select Shop and scroll down the offer wall till you see the Free button. Press the Free button to claim free Spins, Money, and other in-game rewards.

Collect Daily Treats

Always collect daily rewards, even when you don’t plan to play Monopoly Go for a day to get free Dice. These rewards keep getting better when you collect them daily, day 7 being the best of all.

Complete Wins

You can see Wins in the bottom left corner. They are very simple and can be completed to earn gifts. Also, completing them for 7 consecutive days unlocks a Weekly prize with the best claims.

These were all the best ways to earn free Dice spins in Monopoly Go. If you found this guide interesting and informative, skim our site and read how to get out of Jail in Monopoly.

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