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Monopoly Go Net Worth And How To Increase It

Confused about Net Worth and wondering how to increase it in Monopoly Go? This guide has got you covered.

Not sure how Monopoly Go’s Net Worth works, what are Net Worth Upgrades, and how to increase it? Read along as all these questions have to be answered here. Monopoly is a board game where luck and strategy are crucial for development. You have to decide when to keep money and when to invest it, where to focus, and what can be delayed. And Net Worth is one thing that you should never delay. Upgrades it offers are worth your time and effort.

What is Net Worth? How to Increase It in Monopoly Go

How To Increase Net Worth Fast In Monopoly Go

Net worth is your all properties value, including built and upgraded Landmarks. There are two ways to increase Net Worth in Monopoly Go. Players can increase their Net Worth by investing in Landmarks and completing Color Set hotels.

  • Build and Upgrade Landmarks: The building and upgrading amount varies with the level of board or city you are in. Every time you build or upgrade structures you receive a house and some Net Worth points. Once it reaches the required amount, your Net Worth level will increase.
  • Color Sets: When you land on a color set tile where all of them have hotels, you get Net Worth points. You also get to use the Color Set Wheel. The wheel is a luck-based thing, so you might get the best card pack or the common one from spinning.

What Are Net Worth Upgrades?

Net Worth Upgrades are all the benefits you unlock by leveling up Net Worth. The upgrades include Daily Treats, Albums, Auto-Roll, Quick Wins, Roll Capacity, Rent, Utilities, and Roll Regeneration. You can check your Net Worth level and all the levels that give Upgrades by selecting the Net Worth option from the upper right corner list of the main screen.

With this, you can now increase your Net Worth and get Upgrade rewards in Monopoly Go. We have covered many topics from this game, so if you are interested, check out our Monopoly Go guides. Get More Tokens, Gold Cards, and Stars quickly using them.