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Monopoly Go: How To Get Stars Quickly

Get your hands on the Sticker Stars of Monopoly Go with this quick collection guide.

Get Sticker Stars in Monopoly Go with our quick methods. But before we jump to that, let us first understand what Stars are. Stars are nothing but the total rates of all your duplicate cards. To put it simply, if you have five duplicate 5-Star cards and five duplicate one-star cards, then you have a total of 30 Stars. You can collect the Stars and exchange them for Sticker Rewards or you can trade them with your friends. Both methods are very rewarding and help you get rid of the extra luggage. The developers have used the old known methods and introduced some new ones that players can use to get these Stars, so read along and learn them all.

How to Collect Sticker Stars Fast in Monopoly Go

Collect Stickers Stars In Monopoly Go

You have to collect duplicate cards to get Sticker Stars in the game. There are many ways to get these cards, but using all can be lengthy, so we have listed the fastest methods for obtaining duplicate cards.

Complete Milestone Events

Milestone Events are limited-time events that reward you with Stickers. You have to complete tasks from the event to earn points and get the prize. And you will find active events on the upper right corner of your main screen. Simply tap on any of the events and check the task, play the board, and complete them, while hoping you get some duplicate cards.

Use Quick Wins to Get Stars in Monopoly Go

Quick Wins are the daily task that players can complete for rewards like free Dice Rolls, Cash, and cards. You will see this option in the bottom left corner. It is beside the Build option. If you cannot use this feature, then that means it is locked. Players must reach 35M net worth in Monopoly Go to unlock and use this feature and get Stars.

Spin Color Set Wheel

Players get to spin a Color Set Wheel after they have completed any property color set and placed the hotel on them. Every time you land on the property of the color set, you will get to spin the Color Set Wheel. There are chances that you will obtain a blue card pack with the method. Though you mostly get low-star ones, it is worth a try.

Use these methods to get Sticker Stars in Monopoly Go. And if you are low on cash and cannot increase your net worth for the Quick Wins method, then read how to free Dice Rolls and earn money. Also, while you are here, find out if there are any cheats and tricks in the game.

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