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Monopoly Go Cheats & Free Dice Hacks 2023

Running out of Rolls and Shields? These Monopoly Go cheats for Android and iOS will help you.

Looking for Monopoly Go cheats and free dice rolls hacks? Monopoly Go is a highly popular casual board and build game whose cheats and hacks are highly searched by players for in-game boosts. The game is simple but the risk of getting heist or having your structures destroyed is high. If you are out of Shield & Rolls and players keep attacking your city, then you urgently need more Dice and that is when Monopoly Go cheats for Android and iOS comes into play.

Monopoly Go Cheats for Android and iOS

Monopoly Go Cheats

Monopoly hasn’t officially launched any cheats or hacks till now. But the Trick that many players have used is time-lapse. Now, this Time-lapse method is unsupported by the game and has led to a ban for many players. But if you still wish to learn this method, do it at your own risk.

How to Use Time Lapse Hack for Monopoly Go Freebies

  • First, close Monopoly Go and remove it from the background.
  • Now, go to your Settings and look for the “Date and Time” option. Some devices have it inside General Management. You can also use the Settings search bar to find the option.
  • Turn off the Automatic date and time to get the “Set Date” and “Set Time” options.
  • Go to Set Date and change it to the next day.
  • Set it and open the application. If it is still not working, go to the same “Date and time” option, and this time change both date and time.
  • Relaunch the game and check if it worked or not.

This solution works for old models and is hardly supported for new mobile versions and systems. Plus, this is risky as changing the date and time might hamper some other Android and iOS applications, not just Monopoly Go.

Are Monopoly Go Hacks and Generators for Free Dice Rolls Real?

Several sites and Monopoly Go ‘Dice Roll Generators’ claim to give you free Rolls and other in-game items by registering, but we suggest you don’t trust them. Monopoly Go is online for Android and iOS, so any modification and hack are easily identified. Once identified for something like that, there is a chance that your account might get banned. And by registering on a suspicious site you risk your personal data and security too.

That is all the information about Monopoly Go cheats and hacks. But rather than opting for all those risky methods, we suggest you use this free Dice Rolls guide for Android and iOS. And while you are here, also check our Monopoly Go guides list to learn how you can get Houses and more Tokens.