Monopoly Go: How To Get More And New Tokens

Use these methods to claim and equip more new Monopoly Go Tokens or playing pieces.

Collecting more new Monopoly Go Tokens, but have no idea where to get them? This guide has got you covered. Tokens are not very important for gameplay, but they do give it the style and make your board look more interesting. And there are so many Tokens players can collect, with new ones being introduced occasionally. We can get a cute eagle, lion, cat, penguin, dog, duck, cupid, peacock and so many more playing pieces here.

How to Get More New Playing Tokens in Monopoly Go

Collect Tokens In Monopoly Go

Tokens are available at some events, sets, and albums. Such as the Wildlife Tales offers Leo Lion for completing the album and Bubbles for completing Puppy Party set. If you are a beginner, completing these sets and albums might be difficult for you, but events can still be managed comparatively easier. As your net worth increases you unlock different features and events. Some Monopoly Go events require you to complete simple tasks and reward money, Spins, Sticker packs, and Tokens in exchange.

Limited-time events that show below your shield and money are probably the easiest. Here you just need to keep collecting pieces that are spread around the board by landing on them. It doesn’t show you all the tasks, only one is active at a time, and completing that gives all kinds of rewards, the prize can be a few free Dice, Packs, or even money. So you should first focus on this, as it will not only give you Tokens directly but will help to finish sets and albums with playing pieces too.

This is all on how to get more new Tokens in Monopoly Go. If you found this guide helpful and collected your favorite playing pieces, then check out our other Monopoly Go guides. You can start with ways to collect Stickers, and then learn if Cheats and Tricks are possible in it.