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Monopoly Go: How Much Landmarks Cost

Wondering about the price of building and upgrading Landmarks in Monopoly Go? Here is all you need to know.

Have you just started the game and don’t know how much Landmarks cost in Monopoly Go? Here is all you need to know about the Landmarks, including their cost and how to accumulate that amount. Each board has 5 unique Landmarks you can build and upgrade via the Build section. Whenever you max all the unique structures of any board, you unlock the new board. Getting money and upgrading is not as easy as it seems for various reasons. Read along to learn what those reasons are and how to tackle them.

How Much Do Landmarks Cost and Where to Get That Money in Monopoly Go

Upgrade Cost Of Landmarks In Monopoly Go

The price for building and upgrading Landmarks varies with board and structure. The Arch will cost less than a beautiful palace-style structure. You can see this Paris board image of Monopoly Go, where four Landmarks are at level 3 of their upgrade, but the cost for the further upgrade is different for all. Your Landmarks get attacked by other players, and you must pay for their repairs too.

Upgrading and building increase your Net Worth points and grants you House, but repairing has no benefit. So make sure that you have max Shield before going offline. If you don’t have enough Dice, use this free Rolls guide and play more to obtain Shield. The Shutdown is not the only threat you face in Monopoly Go; Bank Heist is also your enemy. So don’t leave much money in your account when closing the app. You can invest all the money in your current board’s Landmarks. If you are short on money for Landmark upgradation, you can use the listed ways for making cash in Monopoly Go.

Best Ways to Make Money for Building and Upgrading Landmarks

Build Cost Of Landmarks In Monopoly Go

  • Quick Win: You will see the Wins button on the bottom menu.
  • Bank Heist: This minigame is triggered when you land on Railroad.
  • Daily Treats: You get them every day, and the reward is mostly Dice or Money.
  • Collect Salary from Start: Every time you take a turn from the start, you get some money.
  • Shut Down: When you land on Railroad, you get to attack another player’s Landmarks in Monopoly Go.
  • Take Rent: You take rent by landing on the properties with Rent Target.
  • Chance: Chance can be good or bad. And depending on how it is, you will receive or lose money.
  • Community Chest: Some money gets added to the Community Chest every time you land on it. Invite your friends to open the Community Chest and get money.
  • Cash Grab: This is a minigame where money will actually fall from the sky, so grab as many as you can.

That’s all about Landmark cost in Monopoly Go, with the ways of making money for the same. If you are interested in the game, you should check out our Monopoly Go guides. And start by learning if there are cheats and codes in the game.

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