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Monopoly Go: What Is Active Friend Bonus? (x50 Community Chest)

Don't know what to do with your Active Friend Bonus token in Monopoly Go? Read this guide to learn.

Got Active Friend Bonus in Monopoly Go, and don’t know how to use it? Read along, as we have covered everything from getting to using this bonus in the game. There are many easy and useful events, ways & methods to get items in Monopoly Go. But none of them are as good as this Active Friend Bonus method. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways of earning packs like Purple in the game. You can get many rare cards at once by successfully utilizing them.

What is Active Friend Bonus? How to Get It in Monopoly Go

How To Get Active Friend Bonus In Monopoly Go

You get an Active Friend Bonus token by selecting a friend with a gift icon during the Community Chest mini-game. Those gift boxes don’t always give you a Friend token; they sometimes give Dice. This box only appears on the active players, so make sure your activity time aligns with friends. As you might already know the minimum number of friends required for opening a Community Chest is five and max is 9. So check that you have nine active friends before playing the Community Chest mini-game. Follow these steps once you have made sure everyone is active.

  • Tap on the Community Chest with the Open button. Chest is near the Free Parking.
  • You will now see nine of your friends are on the nine tiles.
  • Select the friends with a gift and receive an Active Friend Bonus or Dice.
  • Use the Token to select the next spot of the chest.
  • Do this till you have gotten x50.
  • When you reach x50, you will get a Purple Sticker pack.
  • You will not get this option if your friends are not active.

That’s all you need to know about the Active Friend Bonus token of Monopoly Go Community Chest. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other Monopoly Go guides. While you are here, learn about the Wheel Boost event and know what time trade resets in the game.