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Monopoly Go: What Time Is Wheel Boost? (Event Schedule)

Here is a schedule of the event Wheel Boost of Monopoly Go. Use it to increase Net Worth faster.

Want to know the schedule of the Monopoly Go Wheel Boost event? The game has many interesting and profitable events like Cash Boost, Mega Heist, Landmark Rush, Cash Grab, and Wheel Boost. They are recurring events, so you always have a chance of playing and gaining from them. Some of these events are boosted versions of the original mechanism. Mega Heist, Cash Boost, and Wheel Boost are boosted versions of Bank Heist, Cash, and Color Wheel. Read along to know how Wheel Boost uses Color Set Wheel and how many times you can use them.

How to Get Wheel Boost in Monopoly Go and Time Schedule

Monopoly Go Wheel Boost Time Schedule

Property Wheel Boost is a time-limited event where you get to spin twice every time you land on the hotel of the completed set. You can get Sticker packs, Dice, Cash, and a locker by spinning the wheel. The wheel is mainly composed of two cash slots, two Dice slots, three regular Green Sticker packs, one big Green Sticker Pack, one big Blue Sticker pack, and one locker. Locker is the best one you can get from spin. It usually has both cash and a Sticker pack.

Time Boost Schedule and Spin Limit

As we have already mentioned above, you can use Monopoly Go’s Wheel Boost twice every time you land. But there is no limit on how many times you can use this boost. Simply put, till the event is active, you can keep on landing on Color Set hotels and using the Wheel Boost. The event is usually active for 30 minutes, and there is no fixed schedule that we know. It will be different depending on the timeline of your country.

That’s all about the time schedule of Wheel Boost in Monopoly Go. We have covered many topics from this game, so if you are curious, check out our Monopoly Go guides. Start by learning what happens when you go Bankrupt and how to use Shields for Landmarks.