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Loop Hero Magic Damage: How Does It Work?

How does Magic Damage work in Loop Hero? Find out what it does here.

In Loop Hero, you are gathering the lost pieces of your memory via cards but this process isn’t without its own roadblocks. There will be enemies and bosses that you will have to fight and win against without dying too often. Now, the cards and stats are the most important part of your game. The placement and tile combinations can turn the tides against you or in your favor. Among all the stats you must know about the game, there’s something called Magic Damage. What does Magic Damage do in Loop Hero? We’ve explained how it works in this guide.

What is Magic Damage in Loop Hero and How Does it Work?


loop hero how does magic damage work

The Magic Damage stat increases the damage dealt by your character. Some enemies like Skeletons and Blood Clot especially require Magic Damage to kill them easily. Note that you can pick up this stat by killing enemies and you can use it against those who have a high defense stat.

For example, players note that they were able to kill a Ghost much easily with Magic damage. It also ignores monster armor. Warrior and Rogue classes can make use of this type of damage against enemies.


In terms of Tiles, Burned Forests give you +0.5 Magic Damage which will add up on your base damage. You can create a Burned Forest when you put a Storm Temple right next to a Forest or a Thicket.

So, that was the basic idea of what does Magic Damage do in Loop Hero. There are other stats that you can also focus on like Vampirism. And if you are curious to know how to get various resources like Astral Orb, Orb of Expansion, Orb of Unity and more, check out our Loop Hero guides right away.