How To Farm Orb Of Expansion In Loop Hero

Learn how to farm the Orb of Expansion in Loop Hero.

Loop Hero has really been a standout game this time around. The low-fi graphics and kinda dark gameplay are very attractive. Along with this, the game has some pretty out-of-the-world in-game mechanics that help it stand out. One such unique characteristic about the game is the inclusion of various cards that are necessary to further your game. One such card that is very useful in the game is the Orb of Expansion. The Orb of Expansion is a very handy resource in the game. In this guide, we will tell you How to Farm the Orb of Expansion in Loop Hero.

How to Farm the Orb of Expansion in Loop Hero

Farming the Orb of Expansion in Loop Hero
Find out how to get this important resource in the game.

The best chance that you will have at getting an Orb of Expansion is by completing Fights. However, these are only dropped when the fights have more than 4 enemies that are fighting against you. You do also have to keep in mind the game’s weird mechanics. If you hold off on playing fights for a long duration, the enemies become even stronger with time. Another thing you should note is that it is not you yourself that takes charge of combat, rather it is the computer that does it for you.

So in such a case, you will face a dilemma. Worry not however as we give you some steps that you can follow.

  • Make sure that your Armor is well upgraded so as to be on the safer side.
  • Make sure your items are at the very least compatible or are a base version for the Loop you will be playing in.
  • Build a Vampire mansion next to a village to get five enemies.
  • Use a Chrono Crystal next to a Spider Coccoon to spawn five enemies on a tile.

This is the complete guide about How to Farm Orbs of Expansion easily in Loop Hero. While you are do not miss out on The Best Tile Combos as well as How to Farm Resources.