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Loop Hero: How To Get Astral Orb

How to get Astral Orbs in Loop Hero: Know tips and tricks to farm this resource item in this guide. Use Astral Orb to get camp upgrades.

Some resources in this game are very tough to get your hands on and the Astral Orb in Loop Hero is no different. If you are searching for ways to obtain this Orb and want to know how to farm it, keep reading this guide till the end.


How to Get Astral Orb in Loop Hero?

how to spawn mage cosmic enemies

In a nutshell, you have to fight against mage-type and cosmic-type enemies to get Astral Orb in Loop Hero. Now, these are the rarest enemies in the game which is why you will need some extra effort to make them spawn and beat them. When you do all of it correctly and get an Astral Orb as a drop, know that luck also had a role to play in it since it is all random. But here are the tile combinations you can use to spawn mage and cosmic type enemies in the game:

  • How to Spawn Mage Enemies in Loop Hero – You can put a Vampire Mansion tile and then the Abandoned Bookery tile next to it which will spawn Vampire Mage enemies. You can also spawn a Watcher Mage when there’s a Temporal Beacon and an Abandoned Bookery placed near it.
  • How to Spawn Cosmic Enemies in Loop Hero – Players can put 10 Rock Tiles or Mountain Tiles to spawn a Goblin Camp randomly. When you take down the Goblin Camp using an Oblivion card while a Goblin is there on the tile, you will see that the Goblin has changed to a Dark Slime. The next time you pass the tile, you will face off with the Dark Slime. This is the Cosmic type enemy that you were looking for. As you can tell, there are some very specific conditions you need to fulfill to make this happen.

How to Farm Astral Orb

So once you have spawned and defeated Mage and Cosmic enemies, you can get Astral Orbs in Loop Hero as drops. The more you fight, the more chances of a drop you get. This is basically how to farm them. Make sure you have enough defenses ready for it and also plenty of healing potions. You can use Astral Orb to get camp upgrades in the late game section.


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