What Does The Maze Of Memories Do In Loop Hero?

Get some more information about the Maze of Memories in Loop Hero.

Loop Hero is a game of unique and uncharacteristic gameplay. It is full of completely unique mechanics that redefine the game and genre completely. Due to this, the game has caught on quite a bit. One such hint of a unique game mechanic is the completely confusingly named Maze of Memories. But what is the actual purpose of this so-called Maze of Memories? This guide will tell you everything that you will need to know about the Maze of Memories Field Card in Loop Hero.

What is the Maze of Memories in Loop Hero

Find out about the Maze of Memories in Loop Hero
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So the Maze of Memories is a Field Card in the game. Field cards are used when you have to place various items in and around the Loop you’re walking on. This is a mechanic that is completely unique to Loop Hero. With the help of this, you can even gain various resources in the game.

What does the Maze of Memories do

The Maze of Memories helps place various tiles around the path in the Loop you’re walking in. However, this might seem a bit counter-intuitive as these tiles themselves actually have no use as they are just normal tiles. But what you need to realize is that Loop Hero is different from the norm and it shows here as well. So what is actually happening when you use the Maze of Memories to fill up the tiles is that your Boss meter is getting filled. Bosses drop even rarer loot and one of the annoying characteristics of this game is the fact that the longer you go without fighting a boss, the stronger they get. And since the computers control the combat, it’s better to make life easier, isn’t it?

This is everything that you need to know about the Maze of Memories in Loop Hero. Do not forget to check out the Necromancer Guide or learn about the Summon Quality.