Loop Hero: How To Spawn Dark Slimes

Here's how to spawn Dark Slimes in Loop Hero.

The main characteristic of Loop Hero is to go through the same process over and over again in a loop to progress ahead in the game. As you move further ahead, you get better weapons, resources, gears and more memories manifested as cards in-game. Players must place the right cards to buff and nerf your enemies whenever needed. One of the best ways to get better resources is to collect enemy drops. Dark Slime is one of them, so today let’s look at how to spawn a Dark Slime in Loop Hero.

How to Spawn a Dark Slime in Loop Hero?

Loop Hero spawn Dark Slimes

To spawn a Dark Slime in Loop Hero, you need to beat the Goblin spawned in a Goblin camp while holding the Oblivion card, to convert the Goblin to a Dark Slime. To understand this peculiar condition better, let’s look at the below steps:

  • Obtain an Oblivion Card.
  • Place 10x Rock or 10X Mountain tiles on the loop.
  • This will spawn a Goblin Camp on the loop.
  • Goblin Camp will spawn a Goblin on an adjacent tile once a day.
  • When the Goblin is spawned, use the Oblivion card on the tile to destroy it.
  • This destruction will convert Goblin into a Dark Slime.
  • The next time you encircle the loop, you can fight the Dark Slime.
  • This is a cosmic-type enemy.
  • Make sure to have good defenses while facing Dark Slimes.
  • Dark Slimes are the perfect way to earn Astral Orb & Orbs Of Unity.

That’s basically everything you need to know about how to spawn a Dark Slime in Loop Hero. While you are here, check out more of our Loop Hero Guides for more guides with exciting secrets and tips.