How To Unlock Temporal Beacon In Loop Hero

Learn How to Unlock the Temporal Beacon in Loop Hero

Loop Hero is the newest 8-Bit game on the market. And believe us when we say it’s unlike anything else. The game has quite a lot of revolutionary in-game mechanics that just help set it apart completely. Along with this, the game is based on a class-like system which makes gameplay that much more fun and interesting. This also includes a card-centric game that gives off some Dungeons and Dragons vibes. One such card is the Temporal Beacon card which is pretty important in the game. This guide will give you all the information you will need about How to Unlock Temporal Beacon in Loop Hero.

How to Unlock Temporal Beacon in Loop Hero

Unlock Temporal Beacon in Loop Hero
Unlock this card in Loop Hero.

The Temporal Beacon card is essential in increasing and improving the movement and attack speed. It is the advanced version of the normal Beacon card. You get the normal Beacon card very early on in the game. To get a Temporal Beacon card you have to get to Loop 13 in one single run. This is however easier said than done and it makes sense to have upgraded items to accompany you on your journey through the loops.

The Temporal Beacon card will allow you to get through a Loop quickly. It will unfortunately also spawn and place a Witcher enemy on the tile which will make life more difficult for you. However, having loop-specific armor and items will allow you to get through it easily. Another way to get rid of the Watcher is if you have a Vampire mansion nearby.

This is everything you need to know about How to Unlock a Temporal Beacon in Loop Hero. While you are here do not forget to check out What does the Maze of Memories do or look at the complete Necromancer guide.