Loop Hero Cheats And Secrets

Find out if there are Loop Hero cheats and which secrets can you unlock as well.

Loop Hero is a challenging but addictive game that is rising in popularity on Steam. Naturally, players who want to get things done faster are searching for Loop Hero Cheats and Secrets. Look no further because in this guide, we will discuss if there are any cheat codes you can use and if there are any secrets you can unlock while playing the game.

Loop Hero Cheats

The use of cheat codes to enhance your experience is frowned upon in the gaming community, but Loop Hero is a single player game where many players would want to use cheats or console commands to make things happen faster. This is how you can do it.

Players have to manipulate the variables.ini text file present in the path C:\Program Files (x86)\Steamteamapps\common\Loop Hero to use Loop Hero Cheats. Of course, this means that you have to change the game files which you should do only by having a copy of the original file for your safety. In case something goes wrong, you can rest assured that you have the original values for the game.

There are multiple exploits you can use to get advantages in the game. We will list them out below.


This will let your character get increased speed in the loop and fights. So for those looking for ways to speed up this auto battler, this is the variable you must change. By default, it will be 60 so if you want to make it 2x, input 120. If you are unhappy with the original game speed, this Loop Hero cheat will be a godsend.


You can give your character a buff every type they loop.


Similarly, you can manipulate the enemy buffs with this cheat.


Change how powerful the lightning damage is by adjusting the variable number. It’s the same for Roots (Roots_dmg_base) and Arrows (Arrows_dmg_base). To make things more challenging for you, go ahead and ramp up the numbers.


For those looking for your character to have infinite stamina, the STAMINA_BASE Loop Hero cheat code will give you what you need.


For those playing as Necromancers, Residual Heat is a trait where upon a skeleton’s death, you get 3 times Loop HP. You can change up the numbers with Skel_deathheal in this case.


Similarly, for those playing as the Warrior class, the Buckler trait will give you HP when you counterattack and you can enhance this advantage with Buckler_heal.


By changing the values of Exp_start, you can change the default XP you need to get level ups. The lesser the number, the easier it will be to level up.

Check out this video by Video Game DataBank which takes you through the process:

The best thing is that you don’t need any external software or downloads to make this happen but again, beware of changing game files. Make sure you have your original files if you need to revert to default.

loop hero cheat codes

Loop Hero Secret Achievements

The first secret is that there is a secret boss in Loop Hero that you can spawn and fight against. We’ve detailed how to summon this boss in our linked guide. Apart from this, there are 7 secret achievements you can get as well:

  • Just Starting Out – You will get this secret achievement when you defeat the Lich who is the first boss you will encounter in the game.
  • Punching Bag – Go ahead and beat The Lich three times to get this achievement.
  • Glass Queen – Upon defeating the second boss, The Priestess, you will gain this achievement.
  • Faith Alone is Not Enough – When you beat The Priestess three times, you will earn this achievement.
  • For Whom the Horn Tolls… – Defeat The Hunter to obtain this achievement.
  • Memory Pieces – Beat the Omega boss.
  • Godslayer – Players have to beat Omega six times to complete the list of secret achievements in Loop Hero.

That’s all there is to know about Loop Hero Cheats and Secrets. If you need any help while navigating the world of timeless loop and chaos, we’ve got lots of Loop Hero guides for you. Check them out below: