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Loop Hero: What Is Vampirism And How Does It Work?

Wondering what is Vampirism in Loop Hero and what does it do? Find out more about this stat and how you can give buffs to your character.

In Loop Hero, you have to keep track of various cards, stats and know what each of it does in the chaotic world. Using the right thing at the right time can turn the tide in your favor especially in boss fights. Now, there’s a lot that is unexplained in the game and if you want to know what is Vampirism in Loop Hero and what does it do, keep reading this guide.

Loop Hero Vampirism Stat Explained


Loop Hero: What Is Vampirism And What Does It Do

Vampirism in Loop Hero is a stat bonus that will give you HP which is much-needed during combat. You get some HP back based on your attack depending on the percentage of Vampirism you have. Players cane get Vampirism stat from items you pick from slain enemies. Think of it like draining life/HP from your enemy. If you combine it with other health boosting methods like using health potions, you will survive longer in fights especially against the first boss.

Take an attack which deals 100 damage for example and you have 20% Vampirism. That means you will get 20 health points from it. You can reach 20% Vampirisim when you equip two items which have 10% Vampirism each so you get a better buff.


As you progress in the game and get higher level drops, you will get a higher percentage of Vampirism. This is come in real handy because with a higher attack speed, you will heal faster as well. You have to focus on how much damage you are dealing as well. It also matters which enemies you are going up against because in some cases Vampirism will not give you the full benefit.

How to Increase Vampirism stat?

You can boost your Vampirism percentage by getting better items. Check the loot that you’re getting after killing enemies and work on your Vampirism build until you are happy with it.


We hope this explained what is Vampirisim and what does it do in Loop Hero. If you want to know more about various classes and other hidden tips and tricks, check out our Loop Hero guides.