How To Unlock Forest In Loop Hero

If you are searching for a way to unlock Forest in Loop Hero, this guide will help you out.

Your deck makes all the difference in this game and as you know, Landscape cards like Mountain, Desert, Sand Dunes and of course Forest are essential to have. For many players, it could be confusing to know how to unlock Forest in Loop Hero. This is why we’ve created this guide to help you out. Follow these steps to get the card easily.

Loop Hero: How to Unlock Forest Card

loop hero burned forest

Players have to visit the Building Menu from the camp and choose Forest. You will need 3 Orbs of Evolution and 2 Metamorphosis for it. This shows that the card won’t be available from the very beginning and you have to work towards it. Once you have the card, you will get extra 1% attack speed. Another thing to note is that when you place Forest in the range of a Storm temple, you get Burned Forest. This will give you more magic damage and this type of damage is crucial against the Lich boss.

Loop Hero How to Unlock Forest Card

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This is basically all you need to know to unlock Forest in Loop Hero. With 20 Noticeable change resource cards, you can get Metamorphosis. And for Orbs of Evolution, you have to defeat living or plant type enemies like Bandits. Read more about them in our linked guide.

And for everything else, check out our Loop Hero Wiki guide which is packed with tips and tricks to level up fast. This will with boss fights, resource farming and more information you don’t want to miss out on.