How To Unlock River In Loop Hero

If you are searching for a way to unlock River in Loop Hero, this guide will help you out.

One of the most crucial cards in this game are Landscape cards like Mountain, Forest, Meadow, Desert as well as River. It could be confusing to know how to unlock River in Loop Hero which is why we’ve created this guide to help you out. Look no further, follow these steps to get the card easily.

Loop Hero: How to Unlock River Card

loop hero unlock river card

Players have to visit the Building Menu from the camp and choose River. You will need 4 Orbs of Unity, 2 Metamorphosis and 15 Orbs of Expansion for it. Once you have the card, it will double the effects of adjacent landscape tiles. For the Orbs of Unity, you have to beat liquid-type and swarm-type enemies. Players can obtain Metamorphosis with 20 Noticeable Changes and lastly, for the Orb of Expansion, you have to fight more than four enemies to increase the chances of it dropping.

There’s more you need to know about River in Loop Hero. When you put a River tile near a Desert, an Oasis will be created. It will reduce the attack speed of everyone involved. When you put a river next to a road, there will be Reeds where Fishmen will spawn. And when you place a River near a Battlefield, a Shipwreck tile will spawn where you have the opportunity to get chests. There will be siren enemies as well. There’s more, upon putting a River over a Road, you will get a Bridge.

That’s all the basics of how to unlock River in Loop Hero and some of the tile combinations that are possible with it.

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