How To Heal In Sons Of The Forest | Health Mix, Medicine

In need of an immediate health boost? Here's how to restore your healing in Sons Of The Forest.

Getting injured is a daily occurrence in a game like Sons Of The Forest and for that, you need to know how to heal by using meds or Health Mix. This crafting guide will explain how to craft medicine, the items you need, where to find pills to restore health, and how to utilize Virginia as well.

How to Get Medicine & Heal Yourself in Sons Of The Forest

craft medicine heal sons of the forest

You can craft a Health Mix, Health Mix+ or find Pill containers to heal yourself in Sons of the Forest. Collect the items required for these crafting recipes, combine them in your inventory’s crafting mat by using the gear icon and you will have Meds.

How to Make Health Mix to Restore Health

How to Make Health Mix+

Here’s the map location where you can find all of these items easily.

map locations medicine crafting items
Yarrow, Horsetail, Aloe Vera, and Fireweed Location on Map (Thanks to Mapgenie)

Where to Find Meds (Locations)

Players can find containers of Pills in caves, in the plane, in random boxes, crates, enemy camps, on the beach, and anywhere else. This will be time-consuming (and based on luck) and if you don’t have meds with you when you are in dire need of them, you will die. So it’s best to craft medicine and keep it with you at all times.

Can you Store Medicine?

Thankfully, you can! These herbs can be hard to find in the off-season (like winter) so when your in-game season is in Spring, Summer and even Autumn, stock up on them, combine and craft them and then store them in Cabinets, small or large.

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How to Use Virginia for Healing?

What you can do is befriend and get Virginia, your companion, and give her the weapon. She can take down enemies who can do the dirty work for you, while you scavenge for meds and other crucial items.

What Happens when you Consume Meds?

When you take meds in-game, your health will be restored completely. This will be especially useful if you’ve been attacked by an enemy and need a quick fix. If you are in a safe area, it’s best to restore health by eating food.

How to Ensure your Health stays Full?

  • Wear Armor, it will protect you from damage.
  • Keep quenching your thirst and hunger – drink water, eat snacks, and make the most of the animal meat.
  • Rest on a bench to restore energy.
  • Create shelter and sleep to regain energy.
  • Craft weapons to protect yourself from hostile animals and enemies/mutants.
  • Keep a good stock of meds in your inventory.

That’s how to heal in Sons of the Forest and how to craft medicine/health mix. To know more about item spawn locations and to check out more informative articles, head over to our Sons of the Forest wiki guide on Gamer Tweak.