How To Find Fireweed In Sons Of The Forest

Let's take a look at how to find Fireweed in Sons of The Forest.

Sequel to beloved The Forest, Sons of The Forest is out and fans can’t get enough. The game builds on every aspect of its predecessor thanks to its immersive environment and mechanics. Crafting your own tools and consumables is a huge part of the game. But many players seem to be having a problem finding the plant Fireweed. Let’s take a look at how to find Fireweed in Sons of The Forest.

How to Find Fireweed in Sons of The Forest

how to find fireweed in sons of the forest
Fireweed is one of the rare plants in Sons of The Forest. The plant seems to only grow in one specific region. Fireweed can be found near the same cave that houses the Rope Gun. The cave is located east of the Snowy Mountains near the lake with four rivers. Check out our guide on How to find the Rope Gun for more information. Fireweed is a pipe-like plant with distinct pink flowers that helps it stand out amongst the forest floor. Like other plants in the game, you’ll have to consume the plant once to be able to identify it permanently.

Fireweed might just be the most important plant in the game due to the important consumables it can help make. Fireweed is one of the main ingredients to make Energy Mix+ and Health Mix+. Combine it with Devil’s Club and Chicory to make Energy Mix+. Health Mix+ can be made by combining Aloe Vera, Fireweed, and Horsetail. Both these meds restore a large amount of health and energy in a single use, making them extremely useful in dangerous situations of combat and exploration.

That’s all you need to know on how to find Fireweed in Sons of The Forest. Check out our Sons of the Forest Wiki for a complete look at all the game has to offer here on Gamer Tweak.