How To Heal Virginia In Sons Of The Forest

Check out how to heal Virginia in Sons Of The Forest.

If you are looking for ways to heal Virginia in Sons of the Forest then you’re at the right place. In this survival horror game, you’ll find yourself on an island with minimum resources. However, you’ll have your trustworthy AI companion Kelvin. But Kelvin will be of no use against the man-eating mutants roaming all over the island. This is where Virginia, the friendly NPC with three arms and legs, comes in. Since she is a valuable asset in a fight, we’ll tell you how to heal her.

How to Heal Virginia in Sons of the Forest

Heal Virginia

To heal Virginia in Sons of the Forest, go over to her and press the E key on the keyboard once she falls to the ground. Note that you cannot heal her when she is standing. After taking some damage from the mutants, she will fall down. That’s when you can heal her.

Can Virginia Die in Sons of the Forest?

Yes, Virginia can die in Sons of the Forest. If she takes enough damage after getting knocked down, she will permanently leave the game. If she dies, you’ll have to reload the saved file before she dies. However, with this method, you’ll lose some progress. So make sure you heal Virginia as soon as she falls down.

Why is Virginia Important in SoTF?

This friendly NPC might not seem useful but over a period of time, she can be a great ally. She brings you gifts and leads you to resources. But the best part about Virginia is her shooting skills. She can wield two weapons at once and her aim never seems to miss. Moreover, she does not run out of ammo. So she can be a great asset while fighting the mutants.

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