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How To Fix “Virginia Disappeared” Glitch In Sons Of The Forest (Answered)

Where did Virginia go? Check out how to bring her back in Sons of the Forest.

If you’re wondering where Virginia disappeared in Sons of the Forest and want to find her, then this guide is all you need. In this survival horror, you will drop on an island with little to no resources. Moreover, this island is swarming with man-eating mutants, so surviving alone can be an uphill battle. However, you’ll not be completely alone since you’ll have Kelvin, your AI companion, and Virginia, the friendly NPC with three arms and legs. Some players experienced Virginia vanishing midgame and we will tell you how to get her back.

How to Fix the “Virginia Disappeared” Glitch in Sons Of The Forest

Sleep to complete a day cycle and get Virginia back

The major reason for Virginia to disappear in Sons Of The Forest is if you accidentally attack her. Once you revive her, Virginia will vanish from your sight to avoid further damage. Once this glitch is triggered, she will run. To get Virginia back, you can try sleeping to pass a day. Once you complete a whole day and night cycle, there is a chance that she will return to you.

If the sleeping method does not work, then try reloading the game. Make a new manual save file and exit the game. Then launch the game again and start from this reload point. Once you do that, wait for Virginia to return to you.

The final method you can use to fix the “Virginia Disappeared” glitch is to reload the save file before you hit Virginia. You may lose some progression but you’ll get Virginia back.

How to Put a GPS Tracker on Virginia

How to Put GPS Tracker on Virginia in SoTF
Image Source: MyUsualMe – Daily Games on Youtube

To make sure you do not lose Virginia in Sons of the Forest, you can put a GPS Tracker on her. To do so, hold the E key to open the NPC inventory. Then, press Q or R to go to the weapons menu. Hover your mouse over the GPS tracker at the top and left-click on it to put it on Virginia. This way, you can find her on the portable map. Moreover, you’ll also unlock the “Every move you make” achievement.

We hope that answers your question about how to fix the “Virginia Disappeared” glitch in Sons Of The Forest. For more such content like How to Her, make sure you visit our SoTF section.