Do Trees Grow Back In Sons Of The Forest? (Explained)

Wondering if the trees grow back? Check out our guide that explains if the Trees regrow in Sons of the Forest.

As you progress with the Sons of the Forest, you must stockpile several things to utilize them effectively for survival. While many resources are crucial to survival, trees are an utmost necessity. You can yield logs, planks, sticks, and more essential resources to craft or build by chopping the trees. Without them, players might not survive or progress in the game. This has got several players wondering if they regrow or respawn. Or are they limited? So, check out our guide that explains if the trees regrow in Sons of the Forest.

Do Trees Regrow in Sons of the Forest (Regrowth Explained)

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The answer to that question is Yes. The Trees grow back from the new saplings around the trees you have chopped down. Similar to its predecessor Forest, the trees grow back only if their stump hasn’t been chopped. If you clear out the tree stumps, they won’t respawn or regrow, again. So, the best way to grow back trees is to not clear out their stumps in Sons of the Forest.

Regardless, you can chop down trees for their essential resources and utilities. But this process is extremely slow as shared by several players in the Steam community (link). This has got several players wondering if they grow back. However, the players that want to speed up this process can use a specific console command. You can use the “regrowmode” to increase 10% the chance for the tree stump to grow back after you sleep.

So, you can try out the console command for faster tree regrowth. But if you are looking for more cheats, check out our Sons of the Forest console commands list.

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