How To Change Weapons In Sons Of The Forest

Learn to quickly swap between weapons in Sons of the Forest with this guide.

If you want to know how to change weapons quickly in the Sons Of The Forest, then you’re at the right place. In this survival game, you’ll have to hunt for food. Moreover, you’ll have to face maneater mutants. So it’s important you learn how to cycle weapons while being the hunter as well as the hunted. Since the game does not specify how to do it, we will tell you to switch weapons in SoTF.

How to Quickly Switch Weapons in Sons Of The Forest

Use backpack to cycle weapons in SoTF
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Unlike its predecessor, this game does not have a hotkey bar where you can quickly switch weapons. However, there is an option to cycle between weapons without opening your full inventory. To switch weapons fast in Sons of the Forest:

  • Open your inventory by pressing ‘I’.
  • Right-click on the backpack in the top-right corner.
  • Then, right-click on the two weapons you want to switch between.
  • These are added to the quick slot.
  • To access the quick slot, hold ‘I’ and select the weapon you want.

Apart from weapons, you can also store medicines, food, and other important materials in the backpack.

The exclusion of a hot bar is a good and bad thing. Good because it makes the game more realistic. Unlike other games where you can change weapons at the click of a button, here, you’ll have to work for it.

But it can get annoying every time you have to lay down your inventory and select a new weapon. Imagine facing an enemy trying to rip you apart while you are rummaging for a weapon.

How to Unequip Weapons

In Sons of the Forest, you will need both hands to do certain tasks like drinking water from a creek. Moreover, you’ll also need to holster your weapons to avoid confrontation with Virginia or other neutral mobs. But the game does not specify how to put away the weapons. To unequip weapons in Sons of the Forest, simply press G on your keyboard. The character will holster any weapon it is holding.

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With the backpack feature, you can quickly switch tools. So make sure you assign only the useful tools in the backpack. Weapons to hunt and medicines to heal should always be a priority.

That’s everything from us on how to change weapons in the Sons of the Forest. While you’re here, make sure you visit our SoTF section for more content.