How To Catch & Cook Fish In Sons Of The Forest

Learn to catch fish and cook it in Sons of the Forest.

Wondering how to catch fish in Sons Of The Forest? Then this guide is all you need. In this survival game, you will need food for energy and health. Among all the flora and fauna found on this island, fish is one of the best sources of food. However, it can be difficult for new players to catch them. If you too are new to the game, then we will tell you how to craft a fish trap and other methods to get yourself a seafood feast.

How to Catch Fish in Sons Of The Forest

How to Build Fish Trap to catch fish in Sons of the Forest

There are several ways to catch fish but the Fish Trap is the best way to get a regular supply in the Sons of The Forest. Alternatively, you can use your axe or a wooden spear to hunt for the fish in a stream.

To craft a Fish Trap, collect 25 sticks from the trees in the forest. Then, press ‘I’ to open your inventory and select the Guide Book. To switch to the Craftable Objects Menu, press and hold ‘X’. In this menu, go to the ‘Traps’ tab and select the ‘Fish Trap’ option. Go near a water body like a river or a pond. Then, press ‘E’ multiple times to set up the Fish Trap.

How to Use the Fish Trap

Once you set down the fish trap, there isn’t much to do but wait. You can utilize that time to do other things like building animal traps, making planks, and much more. Many Sons of the Forest players complained that the fish trap is not working. The best way to use the fish trap is to build it downstream. Other places you should use these traps are lakes and ponds.

Another easy way to get fish is to command your AI companion Kelvin. Interact with him to open the notepad menu. Select “Get” and then “Fish”. Then, select “Follow Me” and lead him to a water body. He will help you collect some over time.

How to Cook Fish in Sons of the Forest

How to cook fish

If you eat the raw fish then you will recover a small amount of your hunger meter. To get the best out of this resource, you should cook it. To cook the fish in Sons of the Forest, build a fire. Then, press and hold ‘E’ to open the Raw Food Inventory. Select the raw fish and place it on the fire. Then, wait for a few seconds and eat it once cooked.

That’s all from us on how to cook fish in Sons Of The Forest. If you liked this guide, then we recommend you check more in our SoTF section.