Sons Of The Forest: Where To Find Yarrow

Let's look at where to find Yarrow in Sons of The Forest.

Resourcefulness is the key to survival in Son of The Forest. Stranded on a remote island with just their survival kit, players must use their environment to beat the odds. The island is not just home to cannibals and mysteries but also a wide range of plants. One such plant that seems to elude players is Yarrow and here is a quick guide to help you find it in Sons of The Forest.

How to Get Yarrow in Sons of The Forest

where to find yarrow in sons of the forest
Unlike other plants in the game, Yarrow might be the easiest to spot thanks to its white flowers. Yarrow is sprinkled all over the island but the best place to harvest it is around the cave that holds the Rebreather and Stun Gun. The cave is north of the Snowy Mountains near the river delta at the top. Make your way to the cave and follow the path of the coast, the plant can be found in the flora next to the beaches. Yarrow is usually found in clumps of 10-20 plants so you should get a good amount every time you respawn into the game.

Another way you can get to Yarrow is through Virginia. If you grow your trust factor with her, she will occasionally give you gifts, one of which is Yarrow flowers and even seeds. To build trust with Virginia simply give her clothes and food. The Yarrow seeds can be planted at your base to grow your own crop. The main use of yarrow is to make the Heath Mix. In combination with Aloe Vera, you can make yourself some handy medicine that can be very helpful when you go out exploring.

That’s all you need to know on how to get Yarrow in Sons of The Forest. Check out our Sons of The Forest Wiki for more guides like these here on Gamer Tweak.