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Dinkum: How To Get Spinifex Resin

Check out this guide to get Spinifex Resin in Dinkum.

Dinkum is a new life-simulator farming game based on the islands of wild Australia. This game involves players developing their town on the stranded island. Create your farm and raise animals for survival. Crafting of tools and weapons is possible after the collection of required items. In order to craft powerful weapons like Croc Teeth Bats and Flaming Bats, Spinifex Resin is one of the most useful resources. Here’s our guide using which you can find Spinifex Resin in Dinkum.

How to Get Spinifex Resin in Dinkum


A Spinifex Resin is obtained from Spinifex Tufts after processing them. Both the processed and non-processed ones are useful resources to craft certain items in the game. Find them using the following steps:

How to get Spinifex Resin in Dinkum
Image Source – Quests (Youtube)
  • To unlock certain things in Dinkum, specific licenses are required. Here, you need a Scythe to complete the task.
  • To unlock a Scythe, you must have a Farming License. Go to Fletch and purchase the Farming License for 250 Permit Points. This will grant you access to certain farming tools that include a Scythe.
  • To craft a Scythe, 1x Palm Wood Plank and 1x Tin Bar are needed. Cutting a Palm Tree will get you Palm Wood. A Saw’ll Good is the perfect tool to convert Palm Wood into planks. Head to the mines and collect Tin Ores to convert them into a Tin Bar using a Crude Furnace.
  • Go to Fletch and craft these two items to get a Scythe.
  • Locate the areas with light-green grasses on the map. You can find Spinifex Tufts in those areas. They appear as light green bushes.
  • Equip the Scythe and cut down the Spinifex Tufts to collect them.
  • Now collect 2x Gum logs that are available on the island in abundance. Also, collect 3x stones. Go to Fletch and use a Crafting Table to make a Camp Fire.
  • Burn the Spinifex Tuft using a Camp Fire to obtain Spinifex Resin.
  • The Spinifex Resin is now available in your inventory.


That’s all you should know about getting the Spinifex Resin in Dinkum. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our Dinkum Crafting guide.