Fortnite Enrages Fans Over The Introduction Of Age Restricted Skins & Cosmetics

Here is everything you need to know about the latest Fortnite update regarding the introduction of age ratings for islands and restrictions on skins & cosmetics.

Epic Games, the developers behind Fortnite, have released a massive update for its creative mode with the newly added age ratings for islands. The Creative Mode allows players to freely create and share their own experiences also known as islands with other players in the community. And with the recent update, each experience created will display its content & age rating. Fans all over are enraged by the update since it restricts the use of some skins and cosmetics prominently on islands below the designated rating threshold.

Some have even called it the worst update that Epic Games has ever rolled out for Fortnite. Since most of the skins & cosmetics are paid and players have already endorsed them, there is terrible frustration amongst even the most loyal fanbases. While Epic clarified this decision saying it will help parents and players make informed play decisions, the devs have caught themselves yet again in another controversy.

Updated: Epic Games has accepted that their decision to impose age ratings on islands and restrict the Skins & Cosmetics in Fortnite didn’t quite impress players in the community. On Sunday, the developers took to Twitter and informed that they are working on newer options to have in place for a better result. They further explained that up until they have a long-term solution for the update, cosmetic gating will be off for the majority of cosmetics.

Fortnite Introduces Age Restrictions on Skins & Cosmetics

Fortnite Introduces Age Restricted Skins & Cosmetics
Image Source: Fortnite

The new update was introduced by Epic Games via a blog post on the official Fortnite Website which went on to explain the changes which would be effective immediately. Each experience or island will now have age ratings according to their content for players and parents. This restricts the use of certain skins and cosmetics on islands below the designated rating threshold and they can only be equipped while playing on experiences rated Teen or any other regional equivalent.

If you equip age restricted skins on a map you are not supposed to, the game will automatically switch to one compatible with the experience. These skins were designated by icons in the locker over them and cosmetics in the game. Epic Games has even restricted and changed the loading screen and music packs available during the current season of Fortnite. The community has not exactly been on the same page as Epic and has expressed their disbelief in the update.

In the current stage of the update, players have come across some skins that do not fit the age restrictions which include the Moewscales outfit and even the Michael Myers skin.

Fans are absolutely enraged with the decision and have even considered signing a petition against the update. Many have even demanded direct refunds of their age restricted skins & cosmetics while expressing their disbelief. Epic Games took to Twitter to explain further about the update:

With that being said, Epic Games also simultaneously released the Voice Reporting Update where players will be able to submit audio evidence while reporting. And apart from the ongoing controversy, this seems like a helpful update for players while playing Fortnite. In the end, players will have to wait for another update from Epic Games about the age ratings for islands and the restricted skins & cosmetics on Fortnite.

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