Splatoon 3 Game Modes: All PvP & Other Modes Explained

These are all the game modes in Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3 has plenty of game modes, be it PvP, single player, or coop, all players have something they can enjoy. But if you are new to the series, or just got the game and haven’t played much then you might want to learn about them. Because finding how these modes work can help you win the matches easily. So without further ado let us quickly check all game modes in Splatoon 3.

All Game Modes in Splatoon 3

all pvp and other game modes in splatoon 3

  • PvP Modes
    • Tableturf Battles
    • Tri-colour Turf War
    • Turf War
    • Anarchy Battles
  • Single Player or Coop Modes
    • Story Mode
    • Salmon Run
    • Test Range

Let us check them all out:

All PvP Modes in Splatoon 3

splatoon 3 pvp

  • Casual Modes: Here are all the casual modes that won’t affect your rank.
    • Tableturf Battles: This is a new game mode introduced in Splatoon 3. Tableturf is a 1v1 battle where both players have 12 turns to ink the turf with their color. But unlike your usual Splatoon gameplay, this feels more like playing a strategic version of Tetris.
    • Tri-colour Turf War: This is another new mode in the series. Unlike your usual 4v4 turf battle. There are three teams this time. The 4 player team gets to control the center of the map. While the other two teams consist of 2 players each. The goal is to cover as much turf as possible, with the twist of gaining control of the beacon. I suggest you check our dedicated guide on what tri-color battles are for a detailed explanation.
    • Turf War: The classic gameplay that has been around since the first Splatoon. It is a 4v4 mode where the goal is to paint the turf in the color of your team’s ink.
  • Ranked Mode / Anarchy Battles: These battles affect your rank and are much more intense than the modes explained above. All of the modes explained below come under Anarchy battles.
    • Clam Blitz: In this mode, the goal is to pick up and collect the clams that are scattered throughout the stage and deposit it in the goalpost near the opponent’s base. Picking up 10 clams turns it into a power clam. You can use this power clam to destroy the barriers near the opponent’s goal.
    • Tower Control: Tower control is very similar to Payload in Overwatch. There is a tower at the center of the map. The player that first reaches the tower gets to control and push the tower towards the enemy base. The goal of opponents is to take back control of the tower and push it back. The match ends when one team leads the tower to the other end. Or whichever team manages to push the tower furthest before the timer runs out.
    • Rainmaker: Rainmaker and Tower Control are quite similar. Instead of the tower one of the players from either team gets to control the “Rainmaker”. The goal here is also very similar, as you have to make it to the enemy base with the Rainmaker. The thing that has changed in this mode from Splatoon 2, is there are now checkpoints.
    • Splat Zones: This mode requires players to capture zones and hold them while the counter goes down. It is a 4v4 mode where you can capture a zone after painting it 70% with your ink.

Single Player or Coop Modes

splatoon 3 single player and co op

  • Story Mode: This is the story mode of the game that goes by the name “Return of the Mammalians”.
  • Salmon Run: This is a coop mode where you can team up and play with up to 4 players. The goal is to carry golden eggs to the basket or throw them at it. You have to fulfill this goal in different waves and meet the quota of the wave before the timer runs out. This mode features plenty of bosses for you to fight.
  • Test Range: This isn’t exactly a mode but rather a shooting range where you can train or practice your aim. This is ideal if you want to try out the new guns and gear.

That covers this guide on all PvP and other game modes in Splatoon 3. Since you like playing this game be sure to check our other guides on how to fix the black screen issue, use voice chat, change main ability, and get festive shells. And for help on the topics not mentioned here check out our Splatoon 3 section.