Splatoon 3: List Of All Bosses Salmonids In Salmon Run

Here are all the bosses that you can face in Salmon Run in Splatoon 3.

The Salmon run is back in Spaltoon 3 and there are mnay new bosses to deal with. The game gives you a total of 12 of them each with varying attack patterns and different weaknesses. But the best part is you can deal with all of them easily. So in this guide let us check all the bosses salmonids in Splatoon 3 that you can fight in Salmon run and how to defeat them.

List of All Salmonid Bosses in Splatoon 3

splatoon 3 all bosses salmonids in salmon run

There are a total of 11 Salmonid bosses that you can face in the Salmon run. They are:

  • Big Shot
  • Drizzler
  • Fish Stick
  • Flipper-Flopper
  • Flyfish
  • Maws
  • Scrapper
  • Slammin’ Lid
  • Steel Eel
  • Steelhead
  • Stinger

And a special boss that is King Salmonid also known as Cohozuna. Here is what you should know about each of them:

Big Shot

big shot

Big shot is a boss that actually helps you in a way. It will come to an area to  set up a canon its own use. The good part is the canon it sets up. The bad part is letting it use it. So make sure you use attack and eliminate Big Shot before it gets to use the canon. You can use the canon to shoot Golden eggs into the basket directly.

Drizzler – Splatoon 3 Boss in Salmon Run

Drizzler is a boss that carries its shield around with it. It will launch rockets and then come out of hiding. When it is out spam attacks and make it explode. You can also hit its rockets to knock them back.

Fish Stick

fish stick

Fish Stick is a weird boss it isn’t exactly hard rather a tedious one to deal with. So when you encounter shoot at its pillar and climb to the top. Fire at all the fishes until they are destroyed.


Flipper-Flopper will shoot a large ring at the area where it will land next. You have to rush there and fill this ring with your ink. So when Flipper-Flopper tries to dive in it won’t be able to. Now shoot at it and make it explode.


You need to throw two bombs inside its missile launchers one for each launcher. This will destroy it. But the problem is you only get a short window for it. Once it closes the Flyfish will start attacking. Its attack targets you and your teammates. You will need to wait for it to stop and open its missile launchers before trying again.

Maws – Salmon Run Boss for Splatoon 3

Maws isn’t a tough boss to deal with as long as you are quick. Maws will throw a bait and you can see green rings as indications of where it will spawn. Once you see a bait throw a grenade on it and once Maws tries to bite the bait thinking it is you or one of the teammates. It will eat the grenade instead and explode.


There are two ways to deal with it. You can either take the help of a teammate where one player distracts it and the other one attacks it in its back. Or the other strategy is to continuously attack the Scrapper until it stuns. Once it does, go back and shoot at its back until it destroys.

Slammin’ Lid

slammin lid

Slammin’ Lid is another easy boss to deal with in Salmon runs. There are two things you can do. Either go to a higher ground which allows you to directly target its head. Shoot its head until it explodes. Or go inside its slamming range and quickly exit it before it slams into you. It will slam to the ground and you can climb the lid when it does to start attacking its head.

Steel Eel

Steel Eel is very similar to Scrapper perhaps even easier. Unlike the scrapper, you can clearly see the driver on the back. The strategy is similar to letting one player distract while the other attacks its behind. If you are playing alone then you can try to directly go behind for attacking. Make sure to be on the move as it can easily turn the eel back to attack.


Shoot the bomb on its head to make it explode on itself. This will take care of it and also prevent it to launch the bomb toward the player. If Steelhead manages to launch its bomb then it covers the area with ink upon explosion.


Stinger is another one of the enemies on the easier side. It has several dirty pots that it has stacked to give itself height for attacking. Your goal is to shoot down each of these pots. Once all pots are gone you will eliminate the Stinger.

King Salmonid Cohozuna

Lastly, this is a boss that you can encounter rarely unless you choose to make it spawn. There are two ways of dealing with it. You can spam attack at it with your weapons. And if you have golden eggs available then you can also use them to attack it.

That covers this guide on all the new salmonid bosses in Splatoon 3 that you can fight in the Salmon run. If you are planning to take on salmon runs then check out our best weapons tier list to help you deal with these bosses easily.