5 Letter Words Ending With RATE (Wordle)

Looking for the 5 Letter words that end in RATE? Here's a list of all the 5 letter words ending with RATE to solve today's Wordle puzzle.

If you are looking for the 5 letter words that end in RATE, chances are that you might have guessed or figured out a couple of them. But since Wordle puzzle answers can be a bit tricky, coming up with rare words can be harder at first guess. Don’t worry, we have compiled all the five-letter words ending with the letters R, A, T, and E respectively. Out of any 5 lettered words from the list, any word can a solution for today’s Wordle puzzle. So, check out our list for all the possible answers ending with RATE.

All 5 Letter Words Ending in RATE (Wordle Clue)

5 letter words ending in rate

Here’s our list of all the 5 letter words ending with RATE:

  • grate
  • irate
  • frate
  • orate
  • prate
  • urate
  • wrate
  • crate

From the above list of eight 5-letter words, it’s clear that you won’t require many guesses for the correct Wordle Answer. So, here are all the official simplified meanings of every above word from the Dictionary:

  • grate: Reduce to small shreds.
  • irate: characterized or feeling of great anger.
  • frate: Brother in Italian.
  • orate: To make a speech in a pompous manner.
  • prate: Talk foolishly or at a tedious length about any matter.
  • urate: Salt or ester of Uric acid.
  • wrate: Simple Past tense of the word, “write”.
  • crate: A large box to transport fragile or other goods.

More 5-letter Words

That’s all about the 5 letter words ending with RATE for Wordle. While the above list ending with RATE was pretty short, check out more 5 letter words to solve your today’s Wordle puzzle right here. If you are stuck on today’s puzzle, check out our Cheat Sheet for Daily Wordle Answers and hints list. For more such guides, explore our Wordle section right here on Gamer Tweak.