Valheim: How To Beat Wraith

Don't know how to kill the Wraiths that come out at night? Here's a guide with tips on how to beat Wraith in Valheim solo or with friends.

Wraith in Valheim is an aggressive monster/creature that you will come across in the Swamp biome. The enemy flies and can be confusing to take down if you don’t know what to do. The Swamps are a dangerous territory and add to that these enemies which spawn in abandoned homes that you will encounter – it can get pretty terrifying. TO help you out, here’s how to beat Wraith in Valheim.

How to Kill Wraith in Valheim

How to Kill Wraith in Valheim Tips

First, you must know about the Wraith’s attack style. They are slow enemies if you are not in their line of sight but if you make them aggro they will come at you fast. Thankfully, they don’t have any ranged attacks that you have to be wary of but encountering them at night suddenly may throw you off guard.

Here are the tips to beat Wraith in Valheim easily:

  • Since they don’t have any ranged attacks, you can use arrows and spears to throw at this enemy.
  • Parry Wraiths with a Bronze or higher level shield.
  • If other enemies also spawn near the Wraith then things can get a bit complicated but if you are playing with friends or have some good weapons in your arsenal, it should be okay.
  • You can kite the Wraith away from others and get it alone to attack it.
  • Remember to not melee these enemies in case you don’t have proper weapons because you will be dealt damage.

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Wraith Drops

When you kill a Wraith, you can obtain Chain and Wraith trophy as drops. Check out our linked guide to know how to else to use Chain in Valheim and where else you can get it as well. In case you are okay with using Valheim console commands, then the item code to spawn the trophy is TrophyWraith. Here’s how to use item spawn console commands where you will get other item codes as well.

So, that’s the information you need before taking on and defeating a Wraith in Valheim. For those curious to know more hidden tips and tricks, check out the guides listed below: