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Valheim: Can You Fight Bosses Again

Here's how to summon all the bosses you already defeated in Valheim.

You are the hailed warrior Odin has chosen to fight his 9 forsaken enemies in 9 different biomes. In this early access, you are given only 5 bosses, while the rest of the bosses and biomes are still under development and are expected to be released with the full game. So if you are wondering can you summon the current Valheim bosses again and fight them, then read on to know the answers.

Can You Fight Bosses Again in Valheim?

The short simple answer to the question is YES. You can summon all the bosses again and fight them. More importantly, you can even summon more than one instance of the same boss from their respective altars. This is a fun way to test and check how much punishment your new Padded Armor can take. Also, make sure to carry the best weapons you could because you are going to need them while facing more than one instance of the same boss.

How to Summon a Boss After Beating It in Valheim?
Bosses Again Valheim

The right way to do this is to collect more than one set of required items to summon and submit them one after another to call more instances of bosses. For example, to summon more than one Bonemass collect a set of more than 10 Withered bones. Once the boss is spawned, use the next set of 10 Withered Bones to summon one more Bonemass at the same time. You can continue this process till how much you want. But understand that the instances of these bosses won’t attack each other and together they will rain down hell upon you and your team.

How to Summon a Boss Using Console Commands?

If you are not in a mood to play the game realistically or just looking for quick fun, then you can spawn the bosses using the console commands. To do this follow the below steps:

  • Press F5 to open the console window.
  • Type “devcommands” in the window to enable Cheat Mode.
  • Make sure to enable console commands by reading this article here.
  • Type “god” to enable God Mode.
  • Type in boss IDs Eikthyr, Elder,  Bonemass, Dragon & Yagluth.

So in short if you can summon more than one Eikthyr, you need to type “spawn Eikthyr” to summon 1 or use “spawn Eikthyr 2” to spawn 2 of them. You can call any number of bosses you want with this method.

So no matter how many times you beat a boss, if you feel like beating it again with friends or solo, you can summon them with the required materials as per each boss and call more than one of them for a fierce battle that Valkyries will sing your ballad for ages to come.

That’s everything you need to know about how to summon and find bosses again in Valheim. While you’re here, get more hidden secrets in our Valheim Wiki Guide. Also, check out more tips & tricks that will help you level up your gameplay in our Valheim guides.