How To Get Swords In Valheim

Swords are exceptional weapons in Valheim that will help you defeat enemies quicker. Check out how to get swords in Valheim right here

swords in Valheim are one of the most trustworthy weapons that you can charge into battle with, but as the game is designed you will have to play a considerable amount before you can get it. Each weapon in Valheim is different and offers different bonuses if you want to know how to get swords in Vaheim

How To Get Swords In Valheim

To get a sword in Valheim, you will first need to unlock the Forge and find Bronze, this is an early and easy process in the game. They can be crafted by bringing the required items to the workbench and then crafting your very own blade. Each weapon is different and helpful in battles, wielding it also depends on your playstyle as you can equip a shield at one hand and a sword on the other to balance attack and defense. There are a total of 3 swords that you can craft in Valheim

how to get swords in Valehim
swords are one of the best weapons types to have in Valheim

How To Craft Bronze Sword In Valheim

The Bronze Sword is the most basic of the weapon that you can get in the game. While not powerful, it will help you defeat lesser enemies. All you need to do is bring wood, bronze, and leather scraps to your workbench and you will be able to craft this weapon.

Here are all the items you require to craft a bronze sword in Valheim:

  • Wood x2
  • Bronze x8
  • Leather Scraps: x2

How To Craft Iron Longsword In Valheim

The Iron Longsword is a massive upgrade on the Bronze Sword and it will help you defeat larger enemies and animals that you find. It is a great weapon to defeat the early bosses as well as some of the larger enemies like Trolls and Greydwarf Brutes.

To create an Iron Longsword in Valheim, players will need to gather the following items:

  • Wood x2
  • Iron x20
  • Leather Scraps x20

How To Craft Blackmetal Sword In Valheim

The Blackmetal Sword in Valheim is one of the best weapons that you can craft. This weapon will help you to slash down the biggest of the enemies that you find in the game, a product of pure strength and sharpness, this weapon will cut through anything.

Here’s what you’re going to need to craft the Blackmetal Sword in Valheim:

  • Fine Wood x2
  • Black Metal Bars x20
  • Linen x5

This is all there is to know about how to get swords in Valheim, while you’re here you should head over to our best weapons to craft in Valheim guide to know which ones you should start preparing for from early on in the game.

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