Valheim: How To Build A Stone Cutter

Here's how to build and get a Stone Cutter in Valheim.

If you are a fan of everything Viking, then you need to get your hands on Valheim. It takes you through the lifestyle of building, hunting, and sailing like a true Viking. Even though you can use wood to build your longhouses and feast halls, nothing is superior to stonecraft. To build structures using stone you need a Stone cutter near them. So let’s look at how to get and build a Stone cutter in Valheim.

How to Craft Stone Cutter in Valheim

Wood structures are relatively easy to build in Valheim. But unless they are covered with a roof while it’s raining, they will start taking damages. You will need to periodically repair them to maintain them. But this is not the case with stone. Stone can be unattended for days in rain and still won’t take any damage. Also having a stone floor and stone walls for your building increases their overall durability.

Here’s how to make a Stone Cutter in Valheim:

  • Get Surtling cores.
  • Unlock Smelter using 20 stone and 5 Surtling cores.
  • Use Smelter to smelt Scrap Iron.
  • Collect Iron from Smelter to unlock Stone Cutter in Valheim.
  • The Stone cutter will be unlocked for you now.
  • Collect 10 Wood, 2 Iron, and 4 Stone.
  • Build a Workbench near the construction site, where the stones will be used.
  • Equip Hammer from, inventory.
  • Find the Stone cutter in the Crafting tab. This will let you craft it.
  • Place it down to get the Stone Cutter and start building Stone floors, walls, and other structures.
how to make get stone cutter valheim
Collect 10 Wood, 2 Iron and 4 Stone to craft a Stone Cutter in Valheim.

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