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Stink Bugs In Grounded: Where To Find And How To Kill Them

Stink Bugs in Grounded are tough enemies but they are not impossible to beat. Read this guide on how to find them and kill them easily.

Grounded is all about collecting resources and crafting items to ensure your survival. Along the way, you will also encounter some dangerous enemies. Stink bugs in Grounded are some of those enemies that are large in size and quite tough to kill. They also release a gas when they feel threatened and that can be very damaging. But they are essential to craft items that are higher level, so when you think it’s time, you can find Stink Bugs in Grounded and use their parts. Here’s how.

Grounded Stink Bug: Location and Battle Tips


Bugs appear randomly in Grounded but there are a few Stink Bug Locations where you will be able to find them easily. These locations are Oak Lab, Rake, Broken Ground and the Pond. The best one out of these would be the Rake area. Some of these locations are infested with many dangerous creatures so it is a risk. But if you are confident and have what it takes (good weapons and armor), it can be a cake walk for you.

How to Kill Stinkbugs?

Make sure that you first try your best using ranged attacks because if this bug manages to hit you, you will get seriously hurt. Remember to block any attacks when it attempts to strike you. Another good tactic to use is that you can stun the bug using an Ant Club. Once you take it down, collect the Stink Bug Parts which can be used to make the Gas Masks. With them, you can walk through the poisonous fumes without any issues. It can come in handy for any future encounters with Grounded Stink Bugs.


So that was all about the Grounded Stink Bug location and how to kill it. Here are more Grounded guides on how to get Spider Silk, Weed Stem, Clean Water, Grubs, Thistle Needles and Quartzite.