How To Farm Ant Mandibles Easily In Grounded

Ant mandibles are one of the most versatile things in Grounded, check out how to farm them easily.

Ant Mandibles in Grounded are one of the most useful items in the game which you can use to craft items like weapons, furniture, and more. Getting your hands on ant mandibles can be tricky, if you want to know how to get ant mandibles in Grounded, go through the following tips and you will easily get them.

How To Farm Ant Mandibles In Grounded

Bugs are crawling all over in Grounded and each unique insect will bring something new to the game that other bugs won’t be able to deliver. Like ants are useful if you want to farm for ant mandibles. These things are versatile in use.

You can create things like a sap catcher, a powerful ant club, a stuffed soldier ant furniture piece, or a soldier ant head mount to hang in your house. Ant mandibles are one of the most useful items in Grounded and you should get your hands on them at the soonest.

To get ant mandibles in Grounded you will need to specifically hunt Soldier Ants, there are worker ants in Grounded but they do not drop ant mandibles and hence you will need to defeat Soldier Ants.

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You will need to lure a Soldier Ant out and to do that you will have to find a worker ant that is away on its own and kill it. Keep repeating this process and a Soldier Ant or two will come to check.

Be aware that Soldier Ants will always come in pairs, so be ready to confront at least a couple of Soldier Ants. They are tough in battles and will put up a fight, so don’t expect this to be easy.

You should use the Spring Bow in the game to take Soldier Ants out, this will be the easiest way to defeat them and collect the ant mandibles.

Once you are done with killing the Soldier Ant, you should find the Ant Mandible dropped among other things in the game. Use the ant mandibles to craft different things, weapons, and furniture.

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